Seasonal products that will protect from cold

The first mass wave of SARS has already begun. To boost the body’s defenses against pathogenic bacteria and viruses, it is important to eat fruits, bright flowers and honey. Recommendations to eat foods that help protect against the cold, gave a dietician Victoria Savitskaya.

According to the doctor, reduced daylight hours and the unstable conditions are negatively affecting the immune system, but also affects the psychological condition, which also affects your body’s ability to resist disease.

It is well known that depression and bad mood it is sweet, but the passion for pastry during the cold weather of their natural decline of physical activity might lead to excess weight. Nutritionist recommends, in the cold season to maintain energy levels with natural vitamin sweets, fruit, berries and honey.

“Fruit and honey, both in pure form and in the form of salads, drizzled with yogurt, or baked fill the body’s need for glucose, help to get rid of exacerbations of appetite, and strengthen the immune system,” said Victoria Savitskaya.
The nutritionist advised to eat at least 3-4 fruits better different. Thus the body will receive from a lot of varied minerals and vitamins, which activate the removal of harmful substances, give strength, improve psychological state.

The expert said that honey can only be consumed “bit of sugar” – put it in hot tea or a drink is impossible, it promotes the decomposition of the product and the release of substances that may be transformed in an organism to pathogens. According to him, honey is tasty and healthy to combine with apples or cheese.

Also, the diet should be citrus, rich in vitamin C and flavonoids, which enhance the antioxidant effect. In addition, the need for vitamin C well fill rosehips, apples and sauerkraut. In addition they are now extremely useful cranberry and grapefruit: these products contain nutrients that protect against infections and normalizing heart function.

The most well support the body in the season of colds all the fruits and vegetables saturated color. Savitskaya said that all the gifts of nature with bright or dark skin contain quercetin – a substance known for its anti-inflammatory properties that help the body produce antibodies to the virus.

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