Is there any real benefit from intermittent fasting?

Recently, American scientists from the Institute of biological research Salk voiced the opinion that also spoke with representatives of science. The experts came to the conclusion that, taking food during the day, came only a certain number of hours – can significantly improve health and improve your chances of prolonging life, not to mention the weight loss. But is it?

In particular, researchers have Sapodillas the view that a diet in which all food for the day is accepted only for 10 hours, promotes correction of metabolic disorders associated with the failure of the diurnal cycle. In turn, dietitian, gastroenterologist, candidate of medical Sciences Ksenia Selezneva said in a broadcast on NSN that have now become especially popular of the power supply system, the outlet man for eating only a certain number of hours per day. With specific regard to new methods of consuming the daily requirement of calories for 10 hours, Seleznev noted: this mode interval of fasting can have a positive effect on the body, but it should be remembered that it is not suitable for all people.

According to experts, interval fasting, where food is not accepted by some part of the day starts in the body exactly the same processes as the full starvation, and “improves health”. Ksenia Selezneva stressed that the practice of interval fasting is not random, it is necessary to consult a physician. She elaborated: a long abstinence from food can cause problems in the presence of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Note that the experiment with interval fasting when food was taken only for 10 hours a day, was raised on mice. In the process it became clear that, unlike the animals had access to food during the whole day, group of animals, which consumed the same number of calories as a 10-hour period, did not suffer from metabolic diseases and obesity.

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