Enhanced training will not lead to early menopause

Even a very large amount of physical activity in the lives of women not associated with early onset of menopause. Researchers have refuted previous fears of science.

In 2011, researchers from Japan found that women who spend a lot of time for sports training, are much more likely to come into menopause before 50 years. Despite the considerable skepticism which has been shown by the results of this study, until recently, other groups of scientists have failed to disprove it. Now researchers from the University of Massachusetts found clear evidence of the fallacy of the conclusions of their Japanese colleagues. American scientists have conducted observations with the participation of 107 000 women that showed no link between the amount of physical activity and age of cessation of menstruation.

The study involved tens of thousands of American nurses, which is being watched for more than two decades. The findings of this study are of great importance for the health of the fair sex. Magicforum recalls that early menopause increases the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis, as in a woman’s body decreases estrogen levels. On the other hand, hormones often provoke the development of breast cancer, and this may explain why early menopause is associated with a decreased risk of mammary gland tumors.

On average, menopause begins in women at the age of 51. In this moment the body stops naturally producing estrogen and other sex hormones. During menopause stops the production of eggs in the ovaries, so the woman loses the ability to naturally conceive children. (READ MORE)