10 best foods to fight internal fat

There are a number of products that can well help the body get rid of excess weight, promoting the burning of fat. Such products said domestic nutritionists.

According to experts, the advanced catalysts of metabolism is dairy products. Such products contain calcium, but this mineral is especially effective promoting fat loss. Scientists advise to eat cheese and yogurt, drink milk (enough glasses a day).

Further, the degree of strength of its ability to burn fat are oats and barley: these products are effective primarily due to its high fiber content and dietary fiber.

Very useful for getting rid of excess fat is to drink green tea with lemon, nutritionists advise to drink 5-6 cups a day. In addition, dieters must eat eggs which are the safest for the body source of protein.

In the list of most effective fighters against fat was included apples and pears as well as nuts – walnuts and almonds. Apples and pears improve bacterial composition of the intestine, and walnuts and almonds are full of “healthy fats”, processing which helps to eliminate the body of old fat cells.

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