Visiting a chiropractor can lead to impaired vision

Rapid power manipulation in the neck area can lead to lasting and even permanent visual impairment. This reminds the researchers from the Eye center Kellogg, University of Michigan (University of Michigan Kellogg Eye Center), who told us about one of these cases on the pages of American Journal of Ophthalmology Case Reports.

This happens not every time but often enough to attract the attention of specialists. Energetic tremors and rapid rotation, sometimes performed when the manipulation of the neck, are associated with damage to the blood vessels of the retina. The result can cause bleeding inside the eye that may cause vision loss.

In the described case, the 59-year-old woman immediately after a visit to the chiropractor appeared blind spot in the shape of a tadpole, and the next day eyesight had further deteriorated. She conducted a manipulation of the cervical spine using a high-speed technique to cure headaches. After that she was sent for examination at the Eye center Kellogg. Vision women became normal in about two weeks on their own, without treatment.

Because retinal cells are very sensitive, even a small damage to blood vessels can lead to vision problems. That is why Dr. Yannis Paulus (Yannis Paulus) encourages patients to inform their pracu about using alternative medicine, and doctors listen carefully to patients and inform them about the likelihood associated with this practice side effects.

Experts in the field of cardiovascular surgery is also talking about the health risks when using chiropractic care. A quick manipulation to the neck is associated with a particular type of stroke or dissection of the vertebral artery, as in 2014, warned the American heart Association (American Heart Association).

Short and quick movements of the neck can cause small tears in the walls of the artery in the neck. This can lead to stroke if a blood clot forms, which then breaks away, blocking a blood vessel in the brain.In the result, there may also be problems with vision, including double vision. Blood flow in the Central retinal artery may be blocked, leading to death of nerve cells of the retina.

However, the case described by the Center of Kellogg speaks to another complication: forceful manipulation of the neck can directly damage the structure of the eye. The authors argue that this is the first time when chiropractic has led to numerous hemorrhages in front of the retina.

Other possible complications include disturbances in the vitreous body (transparent gel-like substance that fills the eye between lens and retina). Techniques can lead to rear vitreous detachment, which occurs when the vitreous moves away from the retina.

In this case no specific treatment is required. According to the American society of professionals retinologist (American Society of Retina Specialists), the majority of patients after three months did not see the flares, and when the floating clouding usually vision improves.

Complications in posterior detachment of the vitreous is quite rare but can be serious, and in some cases require emergency treatment, including a laser to seal the retina in the gap. This may even require surgical intervention about the separation of the retina.

Dmitry Kolesnik