To the cystitis has not returned, additionally you need every day to drink 6 cups of water

Women who are within 12 months drank 1.5 liters of water a day more than before, 50% less likely to be repeatedly ill with cystitis, according to a new American study, opublikowaniu JAMA.

At least half of all women at some point in their life’s at risk of acute uncomplicated cystitis or urinary tract infection. For the first moved cystitis in 75% of cases within one year of re-developing.

According to the authors of the study, reducing the frequency of recurrent infection of the lower urinary tract is likely in this case due to the fact that the increase in the amount of urine leads to leaching from it of pathogenic bacteria. They also said that this is the first randomized clinical trial that studies a better practice to increase the amount you drink.

1.5 liters per day – about six cups. In an accompanying article, Dr. Deborah Grady (Grady Deborah) University of California (University of California) San Francisco says that in this case any clean drinking water.

But there is another problem, say the authors of the study: the treatment of these infections is about 15% of the total use of antimicrobials, which contributes to the problem of antibiotic resistance. Therefore, women are increasingly recommended to change their lifestyle instead of or in addition to the use of drugs. A recent study has disproved the effectiveness of one popular folk remedy to combat urinary tract infections cranberry juice.

Dmitry Kolesnik