7 reasons to increase the number of days without a drink, if you’re over 40

People older than 40 years are recommended to arrange as many fasting days, days without alcohol. It is associated with increased health risk, which represents the alcohol for middle-aged people.

Recently scientists have found that men and women older than 40 years who drink more than recommended by doctors, life is reduced by an average of 1.6 and 1.3 years, respectively, compared to their peers who drink more moderately. Current recommendations allow the use of 14 standard drinks a week. One serving is approximately 14 ml of pure alcohol, which is approximately equal to a small glass of beer or a glass of wine.

In some countries of middle-aged people discouraged from drinking at the state level with the support of the major media, as is now happening in England. Mednovosti make a small contribution to the fight against the undesirable effects of alcohol, offering a reader the 7 items, motivating to periodic abstinence.

1. Not drunk, you’ll sleep better. Many believe that the evening consuming alcohol improves sleep, but it’s not. Sometimes it can help to fall asleep, but it upset the dream. Suffer from circadian rhythms, disturbed REM sleep. In the end, the dream gives less satisfaction, the nervous system rests a lot worse.

2. You will feel a surge of energy. This follows from the previous paragraph: the best sleep and waking without a hangover will give the new day a good start. Better to be energetic than the slow and blurred.

3. Perhaps you’ll feel more happy. This follows not only from the two preceding paragraphs. Alcohol is a depressant, it depresses the Central nervous system. When the products of metabolism are washed out of the body, it needs to appreciate it.

4. This will help you to lose weight. Tilting a glass of beer in terms of calories is almost the same as to eat a piece of pizza. The caloric content of alcohol is second only to fats. But its calories are empty, i.e. do not give the body any essential nutrients.

5. This will reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. Alcohol abuse contributes to the development of atherosclerosis and high blood pressure the major causes of heart disease and strokes. Some studies have shown that a glass of red wine has a positive effect on blood vessels, however, at present, the medical community recognized that safe doses of alcohol.

6. You protect yourself from liver disease. It is no secret that the liver is one of the main targets for the negative effects of alcohol, but many do not take it seriously (and for good reason). This body will feel better, not recycling the booze for a few days, the approach of alcoholic hepatitis or cirrhosis postponed.

7. Will decrease the risk of developing several types of cancer, including oral cancer, laryngeal cancer, esophageal cancer and others.

Ukrainian Andrei