Three people die of cancer – they all had something in common Unusual

Actually, an organ transplant is to save lives, but in this case it ended fatally. Four of the five recipients of the organs of a dead woman died after the transplant. The cause of a cancer that had its origin in the body of the donor was always.

After the death of a 53-year-old woman in front of almost eleven years, this gave her organs for donation. She donated her kidneys, lungs, liver and heart.

However, in the last investigation, the Doctors noticed that the woman was suffering from cancer. This had serious consequences: Six years later, four of the five recipients were dead. Four of them developed breast cancer, which ended in three cases, fatal. The fifth recipient died of Sepsis, a systemic inflammatory response of the body. The Dailymail reported.

DNA Test came in origin

According to experts, the Chance to get a organ transplant, cancer, is very low. Only in one out of 10,000 cases, the passing.

The Doctors believe that this is the first case ever by the four of patients develop after an organ donation from the same Person a cancer. On the basis of DNA testing, doctors were able to prove that the origin of the disease was in the donated Organ.