The Ministry again found adulterated ecoproperty

In Russia continue to forge expensive ecoproperty. Especially love the cheaters one of the most popular targeted drugs Herceptin, used to treat cancer in many sites. Drug repackage, allowed in the secondary sale and even produce in a controlled environment. Moreover, detected fake not only in pharmacies but also in state institutions where they come under the state contract.

As reported in healthcare service, prosecuted and fined 550 thousand rubles entrepreneur who supplied falsified Herceptin in the Belgorod regional Oncology center. The authenticity of the 37 packages of the drug supplied to the institution under a State contract by the company of Farmstock have caused doubts among experts of the Belgorod management of Roszdravnadzor, who came to the Oncology clinic during a routine inspection.

The suspicion was confirmed by the examination of the quality of medicines, conducted in a certified laboratory of the health Ministry(a branch of the fgbi MCEWEN of Roszdravnadzor in Rostov-on-don). Then the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation across the Belgorod region opened a criminal case under part 2 of article 327.2 OF THE CRIMINAL CODE. In the course of investigations revealed that the accused in the supply of a medicinal product in the Belgorod Oncology dispensary independently peretasoval its existing original drug in a fake secondary packaging (37 units, for a total amount of 1404150 rubles), which indicated false information about its manufacture, – told Mednovosti the head of the press service of Roszdravnadzor Olga Maleva.

She clarified that we are talking about the secondary relief medicines on the market. This is possible if the government agencies blamed the drugs on patients who actually receive. Then drugs are sold to dealers. The criminal case is still being told in healthcare service, and data on associates Belgorod forger, and the region from which it received the drug yet.

With the situation rigged trastuzumab (active substance of the drug Herceptin) in Russia face. According to experts, in Russia there are now more than 10 thousand patients in need of treatment showed a.The original drug Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche is sold in pharmacies at an average price of 20-25 thousand rubles a bottle with 150ml medication. And some part of this market close to forgers.

Herceptin comes into the view of the specialists of Roszdravnadzor with frightening regelmatig.Vedomstvo repeatedly sent letters about the detection of counterfeit batches of Herceptin, gave predpisaniya circulation and destroy another counterfeit batch of the drug.

Several years ago there was discovered a large underground production is established in Rostov. During the searches in warehouses and industrial premises, the police discovered an illegal workshop equipment for crimping of vials. Materials for the production of counterfeits, which would be enough for production of about 700tys. vials were stored in two Trucks. Produced from Ukrainian raw materials and Chinese fakes within two years were delivered in pharmacies and hospitals in Moscow, Nalchik and other cities. Having signed a contract for the supply, criminals first sell original drugs. After passing the examination in new supply was added counterfeit drugs, and then delivered only counterfeits.Now the organizer of large-scale production serving his sentence in a strict regime penal colony.

According to experts, to improve the appearance of counterfeit medicines in circulation is supposed to help a special marking system,the implementation of which takes place in the framework of the pilot project in all medical institutions and pharmacies, where expensive drugs. Special marking allows to identify a specific batch of the drug and to trace its path.

Irina Reznik