Test for prostate cancer is considered dangerous for men

The journal The BMJ published data obtained by an international panel of experts in the field of public health and urology, according to which the test for prostate cancer do not need to pass all men – only a certain category of them. Harm from this procedure is greater than the benefit, said doctors.

Nowadays practically the only used by doctors screening for prostate cancer is a PSA-test (analysis of prostate-specific antigen). After analyzing the data 721 thousands of men, a new study found that in carrying out such screening, there is a great need for all men.

Scholars argue that the practice of PSA testing has contributed only a very minor decrease in mortality from cancer. But their main claim to this type of screening is that it often gives a false positive result, contributing to the unnecessary surgical removal of benign tumors.

“In most cases to do such an analysis in healthy men is not recommended. But bad heredity, when a person has a family history of prostate cancer, it has meaning,” was the summary of the professionals.
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