Taking these pills will help pregnant women to give birth to healthy babies

Ingestion of fish oil during pregnancy promotes the growth of the child in the first 6 years. This food product contains long chain fatty acids that are already associated with a number of health benefits.

If expectant mothers during pregnancy take supplements with fish oil, the children get an extra advantage in terms of growth in the first 6 years of life, as found by scientists from the University of Copenhagen. Especially important taking these supplements in the last trimester of pregnancy. And these kids not only grow better, but also gain healthy weight, i.e. not suffer from a lack of body weight. While the collection of excess fat in these children have not noted, so that obesity doesn’t threaten them.

Animal studies previously showed that the inclusion in the diet of cod-liver oil during pregnancy affects the development of fat cells. However, human trials of this concept have shown that although pregnant women who receive a large amount of fish oil, give birth to larger children, the impact of this dietary component on child health in the later period is not established. And now this gap was filled by Danish scientists.

They believe that the main factor influencing the growth of the child and set healthy body weight are long chain fatty acids contained in fish oil. They affect the mechanisms of children’s brain development in the womb and in the first few months after birth, when the baby is breastfed. For adults, fish oil is also helpful, since some studies suggest that these acids protect the brain from dementia. (READ MORE)