Smart men don’t like women now

Hit is still women most attracted to men – their brains, or appearance? Sociologists received an unexpected answer to this very common question.

There is a popular saying that a man should be a little nicer monkeys. She says that women are not so much important the appearance of the representatives of the stronger sex, as his inner qualities, including intelligence. However, in the list of recognized male sex symbols, according to the women, constantly include a very handsome man. So what is more important in a man for a woman – his intelligence or appearance? Scientists have interviewed hundreds of adults about the qualities they pick themselves partners.

This was highlighted four key characteristics, including kindness, sexiness, intelligence and good character. If you take men and women in General, they preferred partners who have demonstrated approximately the same results for all four above-mentioned parameters. But if we consider women separately,in this case, the smart men just were not in favorites. Perhaps it is because too smart men require special treatment of women, and women just don’t want this to hinder.

Generally, brighter compared to 90% of environmental men met the participants of the survey. Moreover, the representatives of the stronger sex who were smarter than 99% of the rest of the men were considered the least desirable. The same applies to good character, as shown by a study by the University of Eastern Australia. (READ MORE)