How to change the lifestyle to get pregnant

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The lifestyle factors that affect fertility

How Smoking affect fertility?

Alcohol consumption and infertility

The use of caffeine and the ability to get pregnant

Other factors that affect fertility

It is known that fertility among women with overweight and underweight is reduced. However, data on the correlation of body weight with fertility in women with ovulation is very small. Magicforum decided to collect all that is known about the influence of lifestyle on the ability to get pregnant.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help improve fertility in women with ovulatory dysfunction, there is insufficient evidence that the various versions of the diet, particularly vegetarian, low-fat, vitamin-fortified diet, the use of antioxidants or herbal remedies to increase chances of getting pregnant or affect the baby’s gender. Elevated levels of mercury in blood following consumption of seafood containing heavy metals, is associated with infertility.

The lifestyle factors that affect fertility

1. Obesity (body mass index