Medicinal plants as their use for the treatment?

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The form and types of medicinal herbal preparations

The use of medicinal plants in the home

Known in the world more than twelve thousand different medicinal plants. They all have various healing properties and are used as auxiliary therapeutic components in the treatment of various diseases. Medicinal plants are often more effective than chemical medicines because they do not contain substances that can cause a large number of side effects. In addition, herbs were used by people for many years, they are well understood not only by the ancient herbalists and modern scientists, proving their effectiveness and uses grass as a basis for many drugs. In addition, medicinal plants are available and can replace expensive drugs. Magicforum figured out how to use medicinal plants in home conditions for the treatment of various diseases, that it was most effective.

The form and types of medicinal herbal preparations

What to use types of medications? First of all, you need to remember that many plants, in addition to its healing properties, there are also poisonous. It is better not to collect herbs and flowers yourself, and buy the desired preparation in the pharmacy, in the form of manufacturing and they come in several types.

• In the form of infusions.

• In powder form.

• In the form of alcoholic tinctures.

• From dried plants made broths.

• Based on medicinal herbs are extracts and ointments.

• Also they should add in different syrups.

Infusions of medicinal herbs, one of the most effective drugs. Due to fast absorption and assimilation by the body, they provide a quick and lasting therapeutic effect. Various infusions are made in two ways: cold and hot. In the first case, drug collection is infused with cold water. It can be boiled, and the pure mineral, which is sold in bottles. The solution was allowed to infuse, then strain. When hot method plant collection is filled with boiling water for twenty minutes put on the fire. In any case it is impossible to bring herbs to a boil.

The brothsare slightly different and the process of cooking is different. They are quite long absorbed by the body and have a cumulative effect. In this way, their healing effect stronger than those of infusions.

Get the decoction in the following way. First, a small amount of crushed plant is brought to a boil, then strain. Then add prescription amount of water. Stored these decoctions not for long. Just a few days.

Different tinctures from medicinal plants obtained by adding them to alcohol. The effectiveness of these medicines is very high, so it only takes a few drops to a small amount of water. Well known medicinal alcohol solutions like Valerian, peony, hawthorn, motherwort.

Powders obtained from dried and ground plants. Make it easy – you can grind herb in grinder. Store the dry mixture should be in tightly closed containers avoiding moisture.

From the crushed plants are made of various ointments. In the binder in such cases, use a paraffin-based and vegetable oil or oil of animal origin. Ointments based on herbs used as a warming or cooling the opposite of rastertime. Or used for the manufacture of compresses.

Extracts – a concentrated form of medication, which is obtained from the active substances contained in medicinal plants.

The syrups consists of sugar and the juice of medicinal plants in high concentrations.

The use of medicinal plants in the home

Ointment on the basis of the plant “horse chestnut” is used for the treatment and prevention of varicose veins.

Drugs, which include such plants as peppermint, have beneficial effects on the respiratory system, have a pronounced soothing properties. With mint ointment can alleviate colds and flu. It also helps to cope with the headaches.

Ointment on the basis of red pepper have a warming effect and can help with sciatica, and various joint pains.

Aloe Vera juice can be added to cosmetic products: it helps fight wrinkles, moisturizes the skin, helps to relieve swelling of the condition. Aloe Vera can treat a variety of burns: thermal and solar.

Aloe copes well with shallow cuts and small wounds.

Such widespread in the middle zone of plants as the burdock, helps with insect bites, drugs on the basis of burdock to treat ringworm and effects of acne.

Infusion of burdock used as a diuretic and to cleanse the blood system of the body.

All the known healing properties of chamomile. Decoctions of this plant have antiseptic and soothing effect. Also with the help of chamomile, you can normalize the condition of the gastrointestinal tract. The infusion of this plant is recommended to be taken for appetite.

Using the beneficial properties of calendula (marigold) to facilitate the temperature and heat.

Popular immunomodulatorythat are suggested to take doctors in the period of seasonal colds, are made on the basis ehinaceia. This medicinal plant is, in truth, a storehouse of nutrients. It can help to get rid of various fungal infections, rheumatic diseases, and diseases of the bladder and liver. Echinacea infusion shown patients with diabetes mellitus.

Ginseng is a very popular medicine from the “green kit”. Infusions and tinctures of ginseng are traditionally used in folk and traditional medicine to strengthen the immune system.

St. John’s wort is also known for its antibacterial properties.This plant in various forms is used to treat gastritis and other gastrointestinal diseases.

Despite the fact that the drugs are based on plants have not such distinct pharmacological properties as drugs, based on “chemistry” to apply, they should also be wary. Strictly follow application instructions and not to self-medicate without a doctor’s prescription.

Previously, scientists told, how to use medicinal plants to cure cancer and diabetes.