Scientists have learned which foods help cancer of the stomach and intestines

Substances contained in cabbage and broccoli, support the gastro-intestinal tract, scientists of the British Institute of Francis Crick. Their study published in the medical journal MedicalXpress.

When you eat cabbage, the body produces a substance indole-3-carbinol, it activates a protein called akrilovym hydrocarbon receptor (AhR). A deficiency of this protein leads to intestinal inflammation and the subsequent development of cancer.

The experiment was conducted on mice. In rodents, the diet was cabbage, and, accordingly, the substance indole-3-carbinol, less likely to have inflammation of the intestines. Have already diseased animals when added to the diet of cabbage tumor has developed much more slowly.

Scientists have concluded that colon cancer develops from non-compliance with a healthy diet. The next stage of the research specialists are going to prove the rich indole-3-carbinol vegetables in the fight against tumors.

Earlier, the life told about, researchers from the University American Illinois, who believe that the anti-cancer diet with a high content of omega-3 fatty acids.