8 tests to check the health status that can be performed from the comfort of home

Often people do not go to preventive medical examinations due to lack of time or because of dislike of doctors. But there are ways to obtain information about the state of his body from the comfort of home. With their help, you will understand that it is time to contact the experts. Or make sure your health is in order.

We have put together some simple and quick tests that you can take right now.

1. The endocrine system
One of the most important indicators of health is waist size. Take the measuring tape and measure the waist size (2-3 cm above the navel). Normally it should not exceed 88 cm in women and 102 cm in men.

People who have these figures are exceeded in 5 times more at risk of type II diabetes. In Japan, for a thin waist even fight at the state level: since 2008 there is a law according to which the owners of the big belly undergo special courses of harmony.

2. Brain
You will need a clean sheet of paper and marker or pencil and help each other. Draw on the sheet dial and have the other person call the time in the format “hours and minutes”, for example, 10 hours and 10 minutes. Then add on your drawing arrows to indicate the designated time.

This test will involve a sufficiently large number of processes in the brain. The work includes those departments that are responsible for hand movements, spatial and visual perception. Therefore, the inability to correctly draw a dial or cursor positioning may indicate incipient dementia.

3. The spine
For this test you will need two scales. Put them parallel to each other and stand with one foot on the first scale and the other on the second. The numbers should be if not exactly then at least approximately equal. If the value differs, this suggests that your hip bones, spine or head is off-center. Time for you to a therapist, which depending on the nature of the deviations will refer you to a specialist.

4. Respiratory system

This test is called “test Post”, the you will need a stopwatch.

Stand up and measure your heart rate for 30 seconds. Then sit down and take 3 breaths in a row without exhaling. Then hold your breath for as long as you can, and note the time. After exhalation again measure the pulse for 30 seconds.


  • If you could hold your breath in less than 40 seconds. it speaks about the poor performance of the respiratory system. Middle rate — 40-49 seconds. The time delay more than 50 seconds. suggests that you are in great shape.
  • Calculate the number of heart beats that you have measured, according to the formula:

Result = HR (heart rate) for 30 seconds. after the test / heart rate for 30 seconds. prior to the test.

The result, equal to 1.2 and below, the norm. If you score more “points”, it indicates an unhealthy reaction of the cardiovascular system to the lack of oxygen.

5. Bones
Take a look at your nails — they can tell a lot about the condition. If the last time the nails started to exfoliate and crumble, on them appeared the white stripes — it’s not just a cosmetic problem. This condition may indicate a deficiency of b vitamins, iron, and even the impending osteoporosis.

6. Vision

All the usual table in the office of the ophthalmologist is not the only way to test visual acuity. Peer into the window frame for 30 seconds. then close your eyes. Then alternately open the left and right eyes. If the picture you see with one eye, blurred, and the lines have ceased to be parallel, you can threaten AMD — a dangerous disease that leads to vision loss.

The second test swipe near the Parking lot. Depart from any machine on 20 meters and try to distinguish her from the room, if I analyze the numbers and letters on the license plate does not work, you have to go to the ophthalmologist.

7. Hearing

Try to hear the conversation of the interlocutors, being from you on distance of 5-6 m. can’t make out the words, no matter how hard? This can be a signal that it is time to see a doctor.

This method does not work in noisy public areas. For example, in a crowded cafe, where it plays loud music, you may not understand even words that are close to you. So is the effect of masking when the sound becomes weak inaudible amid louder.

In addition, today there are a number of apps that will help to test the acuteness of hearing.

8. Liver

Look in the mirror, to take stock of the figure in full growth. You should alert body fat hanging over the waist. It is visceral fat that surrounds the liver and hinder its functioning.

Yellowed whites of the eyes, white bumps on the face (especially the eyelids) and tongue coating also indicate that the liver is not all right.

Please note! Given tests can be used for diagnosis. But it’s another tool in the Arsenal of those who are watching their health and wants to maintain it in excellent condition.