Scientists have created a cream from all viral infections

International group of virologists and biochemists have created a nanogel, which can effectively prevent viral infection. According to experts, one of the main advantages of their development — low cost cream.

The latest development works in the following way. She tightly placed on the skin, simulating cell surface receptors to which are attached various viruses. Thus, harmful microorganisms attached to the nanogel molecules, significantly reducing the risk of disease.

Ahead, however, scientists are still very much work — in the world there is a huge number of viruses. This development, incidentally, is not unique in its kind — now there are so many creams, gels and other preparations, protect against certain viruses. The most important thing here — one or another. Virologists and biochemists, who participated in the development of this nanogel, claim that their invention can protect a person if not all, from many known viruses.

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