Phenomenon “Selfiecides”: scientists warn of the death in front of the camera

Whether on vacation, at a Party with friends or just on your own Couch: Selfies of belonging that most of us now simply to live. But a Selfie can also be fatal. Scientists have now examined, of whom it hits the most. And what is the most common cause of death.

For a good Selfie one or the other vacationers climbing is quite prepared to have a steep cliff to throw themselves into the waves or other reckless actions. Finally, the Followers should be impressed on Instagram and co. Yes. But it is precisely in such actions, people die again and again. Just for a Selfie!

Therefore, the concept of “Selficide”. A combination of “Selfie” and “Homicide,” which stands for murder or manslaughter.

In three countries, these accidents happen very often

Indian scientists have conducted a study on how many “Selficide”cases, there has been in recent years. And, above all, what was the main reason for this, as the star reported “”.

Between October 2011 and November 2017, according to the investigations of 259 people who died in a Selfie killed. The victims were on average just under 23 years old. In India, Russia and the United States, the majority of the deaths happened in cases of this kind.

70 Dead in the water

Most of the people who died in the specified period of time at a Selfie are drowned. A total of 70 people were purged, among other things, by waves, or posing for Selfies too close to the water, although she could not swim.

With 51 Victims the second most common cause of death is an accident in the traffic. The Selfie-friends who are happy to pose on supposedly abandoned tracks, hovering in great danger. This is because often there were trains that had recognized the people in the Photograph and carried away.

It is assumed that there is a lot more Selficide-cases

The third of the most common causes of death by Selfies, falls and fire. A total of 48 Selfie-photographers were so-called period of survival.

For the study, only articles in English were evaluated. It is therefore assumed that in this period alone much more people came by to “Selficide” for life. It should, however, be no spectacular photo, it is worth to put his life on the game.