My day on a plate: Mariaa Randall

Maria Raandal.

Choreographer and dancer, Mariaa Randall, 43, shares her day on a plate.

8.30am I'm in New York to perform on Lenapehoking land as part of the First Nations Dialogues' KIN Series. After waking up late, I drink two glasses of water.

9am Breakfast is four rye-and-spelt crispbreads with almond butter, cocoa and coconut, as well as a honey and oat breakfast bar and a tea with two sugars.

2.30pm I have a late lunch of chicken miso ramen and a bottle of water while rushing to Spiderwoman Theater's Pulling Threads fabric workshop.

7pm Catering at the workshop includes an antipasto platter with meats, cheese, biscuits, capsicum, sundried tomatoes, a chicken salad roll and cup of tea.

10pm A last-minute dessert of vanilla panna cotta, then a glass of rosé and a cup of tea to finish.

Dr Joanna McMillan says…

Top marks for … Your breakfast combo of fibre-rich crackers and nuts, providing good fats and plant protein. The cocoa and tea both add protective polyphenols, but do watch the added sugars in your tea, of which you have several cups.

If you keep eating like this you'll … Fall short on the other protective compounds present in plant foods. On this day, for instance, you don't have any fruit and only a few vegies. Watch the eating late at night, too. Having a sugary dessert close to bedtime is not great for your sleep quality or your gut health.

Why don't you try … Making sure you have something healthy before attending catered events, where it can be difficult to eat well – a takeaway salad, say, or a side of steamed Asian greens with your ramen. You could also add a bowl of berries to breakfast, or enjoy with Greek yoghurt as dessert earlier in the evening.

Mariaa Randall is performing in Same but Different: DubaiKungkaMiyalk at Arts House, Melbourne as part of Dance Massive 2019, from March 12-24.

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