Listeria in salmon: callback in Switzerland – what you need to know now

In salmon products of Ospelt food AG Listeria have been identified and are believed to be landed in Switzerland in the trade. A health risk cannot be excluded.

The chains Coop and Migros have sold the Ospelt-salmon products – and not ask the customer to consume the affected article (regardless of the date of minimum durability), and in the shops to bring back. Also German customers living near the border may be affected.

These salmon products calls back Coop

  • Coop Naturaplan Bio Mövenpick salmon filet smoked approx. 110g
  • Coop Qualité & Prix MSC smoked wild salmon tartare with Sauce approx. 100g
  • Coop Qualité & Prix-smoked salmon Scotland 120g
  • Coop Qualité & Prix salmon strips smoked 180g
  • Prix Garantie salmon smoked of Norway, 200g
  • Coop Qualité & Prix toast-smoked salmon 100g
  • Coop Qualité & Prix-smoked salmon Norway 200g
  • Coop Qualité & Prix ASC salmon smoked Norway Lemon/Pepper 100g
  • Coop Naturaplan Bio-smoked salmon with vanilla 100g
  • Coop Qualité & Prix MSC wild salmon Sockeye smoked 250g
  • Coop Qualité & Prix MSC wild salmon Sockeye smoked 100g
  • Fine Food MSC wild salmon Kenai smoked 100g
  • Mövenpick MSC wild salmon Coho smoked 120g
  • Mövenpick MSC smoked wild salmon tartare with Sauce 130g
  • Mövenpick smoked salmon Island 90g
  • ZENBU Small Uramaki (Sushi)
  • ZENBU Salmon (Sushi)
  • ZENBU Gozen (Sushi)
  • ZENBU Maki Mix (Sushi)
  • ZENBU Salmon poke (Sushi)
  • ZENBU Uramaki Mix (Sushi)
  • ZENBU Maru Maki (Sushi)
  • ZENBU Nigiri Small (Sushi)
  • ZENBU Nigiri Large (Sushi)
  • ZENBU Nigiri & Small Uramaki (Sushi)

Migros and Migrolini: These products are affected by the recall

Item number and item description to match:

  • 251363000000 / smoke farmed salmon sliced 250g
  • 251362100000 / Atlantic spice salmon 100g
  • 251364240000 / organic Norwegian salmon tartare with herb Vinaigr.110g
  • 251361100000 / Scottish smoke salmon 100g
  • 251360400000 / Rauchlachsanschnitte180g
  • 251362210000 / Selection of Norwegian Graved salmon 100g
  • 251360103200 / ASC smoke salmon cubes with mountain herbs 80g
  • 251360103100 / ASC Norwegian smoked salmon 75g
  • 251366300000 / Atlantic salmon trout 90g
  • 251361300000 / Migros organic smoked salmon 100g
  • 251361300100 / Bio Norwegian lime smoke salmon 100g
  • 251364700000 / Bio Norwegian filet savory 130g
  • 251363770000 / Pacific wild salmon Coho MSC 100g
  • 251362220000 / MSC wild salmon with Dill and lemon 100g
  • 251363200000 / MSC wild salmon Sockeye sliced 100g
  • 251361700000 / organic smoked salmon with Swiss herbs 100g

Symptoms of listeriosis

A high amount of Listeria can lead to severe, febrile gastroenteritis with diarrhea and vomiting.

In particular, in the elderly, immune-compromised people and in Pregnant women and newborns, it can lead to severe and life – threaten of paths, such as blood poisoning and brain and/or brain inflammation of the skin.

In healthy people, which do not belong to one of the risk groups, may result in the recording of large quantities of Listeria to a severe, febrile, but usually self-limiting gastroenteritis with diarrhea and vomiting. In Pregnant women, who often have flu-like symptoms, could put the disease on the Unborn.

In the case of the described symptoms, it is recommended to immediately see a doctor.