Important step in the fight against AIDS: HIV self-tests may in the future be given directly to patients

From the autumn of HIV may be self-tests in Germany, not only to Doctors, labs or professionals, but also directly to patients, delivered. The Federal Council agreed to now a corresponding Change of the medical devices tax regulation. Estimates of the Robert Koch-Institute, according to about 12,700 people living with HIV in Germany, without knowing it.

A total of almost 90,000 people in the Federal Republic of Germany with the causative agent of the immune deficiency disease AIDS. Dr. Louisa Draper, clinical Director of Europe’s biggest Online medical practice DrEd says:

We welcome the decision of the Federal Council to make HIV self-testing available to patients. They help to detect the Virus at an early stage and to reduce the number of new infections. The Figures of the international HIV and AIDS establishment of occupy Avert: In the UK the number of new infections fell by 18 per cent with a simultaneous increase in the test. The Online medical practice DrEd already offers CE-certified HIV home tests in the UK. 10,000 patients that wanted to go to, no practice, have chosen this discrete way.