Doctors told about the key to longevity

Active aerobic exercise help to increase cardiorespiratory endurance of the body, which in turn helps to reduce the risk of death. To such conclusion experts from the Cleveland clinic in the United States, according to the portal EurekAlert.

As found by doctors, the state of the cardiorespiratory system is directly related to lifespan. To improve the condition of the heart and respiratory system, you can use aerobics.

“In our study, we found that exercise can not be too much. … Everyone should be encouraged to achieve and maintain a high level of physical training,” — said the lead author cardiologist Wael Jaber.

As highlighted in the study, exercise have a long-term positive effect on the body regardless of the age of the person. Moreover, in patients older than 70 years, high levels of physical fitness contribute to an even more intense reduction in the risk of mortality.

Lack of cardiorespiratory fitness has on life expectancy as a negative influence, such as cardiovascular disease, Smoking or diabetes, according to doctors.

The clinic staff analyzed data from more than 120 thousand patients who underwent cardioactive on the treadmill in the period from 1991 to 2014. They divided the study participants into five groups depending on what condition is their cardiorespiratory system — excellent, good, above average, below average or low.

It was found that in subjects older than 70 years of “great” group, the mortality risk was 30 percent lower than patients from the “good” group. Similar results showed the study participants suffering from hypertension. In addition, the doctors analyzed data from patients with multiple chronic conditions and concluded that in General the mortality among the “excellent” group is at the lowest level.