Cheating husband has penis stitched back on after his wife cut it off

Cheating husband, 31, whose wife cut off part of his PENIS with scissors while he was asleep gets it stitched back on by doctors – and can now have sex again

  • The man had to have emergency surgery at a hospital in Peking, China
  • The tip of his penis had been almost completely cut off but was held on by skin
  • Doctors stitched it back on and he managed a ‘painful’ erection after three days
  • A case report revealed he was able to have sex again within three months

A man whose wife tried to chop off his penis with a pair of scissors had it surgically reattached and can now have sex again.

The 31-year-old man, who has not been named, triggered the wrath of his wife by having sex with someone else.

And while he slept, his spouse attempted gruesome revenge when she attacked his penis with a pair of scissors and almost completely sliced the end off.

He suffered ‘massive bleeding’ and what doctors called ‘penile amputation’, but the medics’ quick actions meant they could save his member and stitch it back on.

The spurned husband has since regained the use of his penis and is able to urinate, get erections and even have sex again – although with whom the doctors didn’t say.

The adulterous man was attacked by his wife while he was asleep and she managed to almost completely slice off the tip of his penis with a pair of scissors (stock image)

Doctors at the Peking University First Hospital in China, where the man was treated, revealed his story in a horrifying case report.

They wrote: ‘A 31-year-old male was assaulted with scissors by his wife because of his betrayal when he was sleeping.

‘His penile glans was almost completely cutoff. There was massive bleeding after penile amputation.

‘He had been sent to two medical centers, but finally he was transferred to our urological center.’

The medics, led by Dr Kunlin Yang, said the man’s penis was still warm and alive six hours after the incident.

To save his penis they had to perform emergency surgery under general anaesthetic, during which they cleaned the wound and began to repair it.

The amputated section of the penis – most of the head of the organ – was still attached by a ‘flap’ of skin.

Using this, the surgeons realigned the two sides of the man’s penis and stitched together the blood vessels in a microsurgical procedure, piecing it back together.

After the surgery they then used blood-letting – an ancient medical procedure which drains blood from the body to treat disease – to help him recover.

They stuck needles into the flesh of his penis to let out blood which had built up during the traumatic injury.

Just three days after the operation the man got a ‘morning erection’ for the first time, which the doctors said ‘felt painful’.

He was sent home from hospital after two weeks and had to use a catheter for a month.

The medics wrote: ‘Three months later, the patient reported that he could complete sexual intercourse with effective erectile function, and had good urinary pattern… The glans had obvious sense of touch and mild pain sensation.’

They did not specify who his sexual partner was, nor whether his marriage ended after the incident.

The case report was published in the journal Urology Case Reports.


A woman seduced her ex-husband before cutting off his penis and testicles, dousing them in acid and flushing them down the toilet after finding out he had cheated on her when they were married.

According to police, the woman, named only as Ms Lee, 58, used a sharp pair of scissors to cut her ex-husband’s genitals off, leaving him with just 1 centimetre (0.4 inches) of manhood.

She said ‘If I can’t have it, no one else can’, before taking 40 sleeping pills in an apparent suicide attempt.

The attack happened in the couple’s home in the township of Hukou, which is in Taiwan’s north-western county of Hsinchu, on 24th July.

Reports say they had divorced less than a month ago but Mr Chen, jobless for two years, continued to live off his wife.

Authorities with the local Xinhu Precinct said they received a call from a howling Mr Chen, 56, following the incident at 8:50pm local time.

The man was rushed to hospital after his ex-wife cut off his genitals, doused them in acid and flushed them down the toilet

He feared more violence from his ex-wife and had locked himself in the toilet, officers revealed.

Ms Lee is said to have devised a plan to remove her ex-partner’s manhood after learning that, on top of relying on her earnings, he had also been seeing another woman behind her back when they were married.

She reportedly ‘seduced’ him and then grabbed his penis before shearing it off with scissors, followed by both testicles.

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