7 cooking techniques, which is time to forget, if you care about the health of

In ancient times, said not to take medicine as food, don’t take food as medicine. These words perfectly with modern fashion for proper nutrition: we try to eat healthy and wholesome food for the body. However, even the most healthy dish is easy to ruin, if it is wrong to make it.

We decided to find out what bugs are in cooking can ruin even the most healthy food and how to avoid them.

The use of substandard dishes
For our health is not only important what we cook, but do it. Teflon coating which makes cooking so much, may harm: in the production of Teflon perfluorooctanoic acid is used, the relationship of which with diseases of the liver and other organs is now being investigated. Quality cookware coated with Teflon traces of this acid does not contain, but if the pan is made bad, for violation of the coverage of a pair of acid will permeate the food. You should choose a reliable manufacturer or go to a cast iron or ceramic dish.

Boil it in water

Vegetables and fish after cooking looks often unpresentable, and the broth washes away from them many useful properties. It is best to cook them for a couple — well as to maintain a pleasant appearance of the dish, crispy on the structure of some vegetables, and the cooking is faster.

To add much oil

One of the most delicious meals for a proper diet was vegetable salad — you can freely mix ingredients and pick the most delicious combinations of fresh and healthy vegetables. But to spoil the salad is very simple — just pour in too much oil. 1 tbsp olive oil contains 286 calories, but if you pour in the salad 3 or 4 tbsp useful to call it will be difficult. It is better to replace oil with balsamic vinegar or lemon juice — the first and only 88 calories per 100 grams, the second — 25 kcal.

Frying food
Lean meats, fresh vegetables, fish — this is not a complete list of products, frying which does not benefit them or you. Studies have linked the diabetes of the 2nd type with the frequency of consumption of fried food, and it has been proven that those who eat fried 7 or more times per week, the likely emergence of diabetes by 55% than in people who eat it at least 2 times a week. It is best to cook the vegetables, cook them on the grill or in a frying pan without oil.

To cook in deep fat
Crispy chips, fries and other snacks from fried food look very tempting, but they are best avoided in any case from those for cooking which you can’t see. In order to save some restaurants use for deep frying oil is reused or prepared on the same oil all day — every time you use the oil gets more and more into food and brings not only “spare” pounds and cholesterol, and high blood pressure. If and to indulge yourself with such dishes, then only from trusted chefs.

To overcook the meat
About the dangers of raw meat is widely known, however, overcook it not worth it. Roasted to a dark crust meat (in a pan or on the grill or open fire) with constant use can cause a severe blow to the health — scientists have linked consumption of black crisps with the risk of cancer. At the same time about the dangers of fried vegetables on the fire is unknown. In any case, it is recommended to slowly cook meat over heat from coal without high-fire: a barbecue will not bring harm.

Use ready-made sauces
If you are too in love to stand at the stove, then prepared a dressing for salads or pasta seem to be the perfect solution, but prepared sauce can hurt any dish. First of all, they are very high in calories: if the usual ketchup 97 kcal per 100 grams, of which 90% is carbs, and cheese they are already 197, and almost all fats. However, the calorie content is not the most terrible, because most of ready-made sauces and dressings contain a lot of salt, the abuse of which harm cardiovascular system. It is best to prepare the sauces yourself, choosing a lighter and natural ingredients, for example on the basis of white yogurt.

Of course, it is best that the food was not only useful, but fun. What healthy meals do you love?