The secrets of caring for a tattoo

You finally decided to get a tattoo? Or has long been the owner of a beautiful design on the body? In both cases, this article is for you. After all, the tattoo can be done and forget — it needs proper care. And not only in the first few days while healing from the needle damaged the skin, but months, years.

In this article, we have collected tips that will help you keep your fresh tattoo for life.

Caring for the tattoo in the first days

Leave the bandage on for several hours

Here you got a tattoo, the master has imposed on it a bandage, pre-treating a healing ointment. We understand that you want to admire the figure immediately and permanently, but you need to be patient. After all, how will you care for the tattoo in the first hours, it depends.

Of course, your master will give you advice. But not too lazy to ask how many hours you can remove the bandage. For example, thick, absorbent and non-sticky bandages should be worn the whole day, and the thin plastic headbands no more than 2-3 hours. The fact that the latter do not allow the skin to breathe, and are easily impregnated with fine sweat.

Wash your hands before removing the dressing

Use antibacterial soap and warm water. This is necessary in order not to bring germs into broken skin. Remove bandage carefully, so as not to touch and not to scratch the skin that requires healing.

Wash the tattoo

After that you need to wash the tattoo with soap and water, better without fragrances, dyes and chemicals. Don’t use sponges or brushes! Only fingers to carefully RUB the spot with a picture, and then rinse the soap cool (but not ice cold) or warm water. Then use paper towels to remove moisture. They do not RUB, just blot your skin. Then dry (enough 5-10 minutes) place tattoo.

Apply ointment on the tattoo

The perfect remedy for healing is Much, it is recommended for absolutely all tattoo artists. If no, then you can use another healing ointment or cream, but keep in mind that they should not be cortisone, alcohol, and aloe Vera. Then you don’t have to re-apply the bandage or bandage. The skin needs to breathe to get saularis scars. Repeat this procedure 4-6 times a day.

By the way, the tattoo artists warn that a series of ointments should be avoided. These include “Rescue”, “Levomekol” and other similar. The fact that they treat inflammation, stretching of skin foreign cells. That is, the pigment may simply come out, if you will use such tools. The best option is any antinostalgia funds.

Also be aware that complete healing of the tattoo takes place in about two weeks.

Protection tattoo

Don’t go in the bath and pool

In the first weeks should abandon extensive water treatment. This concerns not only the pool but the hot tubs. In such a situation the skin starts to wrinkle and tattoo can go bad.

Wear loose clothing

This is to ensure that the skin under the influence of a too narrow garment started to become inflamed again. Risks may always remain. Therefore it is better to wear spacious jackets, shirts or trousers that won’t RUB your tattoo.

Avoid the sun and Solarium

Under the action of ultraviolet radiation the skin becomes dry, and the paint is starting to fade. In the first weeks it is an extremely necessary action. If going to the beach, then be sure to apply to place a special tattoo sunscreen. Such means for the tattoo are sold in any cosmetic stores.

Do not scrub!

In any case, do not scratch the tattoo. The same applies to peel the crust. A very common mistake beginners — after a while on the tattoo the skin is covered with a crust, which immediately begin to pull out, thinking that it will help heal faster. On the contrary! Leave your picture on the body alone, use a healing ointment and it will pass very quickly.

Drink plenty of water

The observance of the water balance is an important thing. The more water, the more elastic the skin is. So, the tattoo will look much better.

The care of the tattoo in the long run

Do not go to the Solarium

The sun better not to accept at all, including in the Solarium. It is in principle bad for the skin. And for tattoo triple.

Use sunscreen

If you go out in the sun, always use a protective cream that will keep the “youth” tattoo for years.

Keep the tattoo dry

This does not mean that you need never wet, no! It is important to make sure that she was not in a sweat. Under the action of your liquid it can start to fade faster and fade.

Check the condition of the tattoo

You can’t just get a tattoo and forget about it. You need to follow, are not formed is inflammation, rash. It can be not only in the first days, but after a long time. Usually, the reason is sunlight. If you have a rash, you should immediately stop those actions which, in your opinion, contributed to its formation. This can be a Solarium or use any creams.

Though it’s unpleasant to report, but owners of a tattoo there are certain risks. In particular, the location of the tattoo, it may be skin cancer, Allergy or tumor. It is usually formed by ink of low quality. Any hint of a tumor it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Moisturize the skin

Skin always needs nourishment. It is important to apply various creams and lotions that will leave it smooth and fresh. The same applies to places to which you have stuffed a tattoo. However, it is necessary to carefully consider the choice of means. First and foremost, forget about those creams are based on paraffin oil. Under its action the tattoo fade.

Remember that a tattoo is not just a figure on the body is a reflection of how you feel, I think, than live. It’s part of you, the same particle of the body that requires care, such as hair or nails. If you have enough time to wash my hair every other day or spend three hours a month for a manicure, why the tattoo should be left out? In the end, it will keep it beautiful for years to come, and the follow-up care does not require much effort.