9 beauty secrets Madonna

To promote the launch of its line of skin care products in the United States, MDNA Skin, Madonna joined Kim Kardashian at the YouTube Space Los Angeles and told about the beauty and what she does in order to always look beautiful. Magicforum gathered all the tips that gave Madonna her fans.

Beauty secrets of Madonna

1. Use frozen eye masks in the morning to freshen the look

You will probably be surprised to learn that Madonna is struggling with puffy eyes in the morning. Yes, the reigning Queen of pop music, which is revered for her iconic work that shook the music industry, and a fine appearance in the morning, too, fights bags under the eyes and swelling.
“I sleep on my face, so I Wake up with swollen eyes,” says the pop star. “This is the worst position to sleep so when I Wake up, my eyes look like 12 planets.”
We would not be able to guess about it, how now looks like Madonna. Her secret? Frozen eye masks.
“I make these masks for the eyes, I fill the eye bags serum, and I put them in the freezer and then under my eyes,” says Madonna.

2. Skin care also means avoiding sunbathing and Smoking

From a Hollywood culturethat we see on our screens every day, you might get the impression that Americans love to sunbathe. Madonna, however, says otherwise.
“I grew up in the Midwest, where Zagor is not part of the culture,” she says. She names Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth and Marlene Dietrich as the “icon of beauty” in his life.
“They all look like they take good care of my skin. I don’t think any of them were sunbathing,” says Madonna.
In addition, to avoid sunbathing, Madonna also advised not to smoke. She says that has never touched cigarettes. “These two things until I could afford the salon skin care – saved me.”

3. Just moisturize the skin

To the question, what is the best tip for skin care they have ever received, Kim Kardashian and Madonna unanimous in their responses.

“The best tip for skin care I have always received and paid attention to it, is stay out of the sun … and hydration,” says Madonna.
“For me is hydration,” says Kim To the right.
Both stars say that they are very concerned that the skin was really moisturized. For this they use all available methods. This concerns both external moisture and internal — that is, the skin need not just to care but to drink enough water, so she came and nourished the skin from within.
Madonna says that moisturize the skin in all cases, even if it seems like there’s no time. Moisturizing should be the basis of all care, the first thing to do when you start to look at his face.

4. Plug for face

Recently, Madonna sparked excitement when she uploaded the video on the social network, which showed that her beautician treats her face with two male tools, which the star claims that “tightens” the skin. She also noticed how useful they can be. This method is very useful for skin tone.

5. Sports, sports, sports

Madonna is engaged in sports at least three hours a day. She loves horse riding, Pilates, dance, yoga, karate, swimming, weightlifting, running and Cycling.
Superstar does not hide the fact that good form is not genetics or some kind of magic, and the result of her labor. At least, we are talking about the figure. Madonna says that no sport can not do, if you want to look good. In this case, the load should be different.

6. Macrobiotic diet

In an interview with Larry king CNN Madonna describe your typical dinner as “fish, some cereals, a cooked vegetable and a salad. Simple but tasty. And for dessert? Toast with strawberry jam!”. This simple diet helps keep the body healthy allows the body to get enough nutrients. Madonna does not eat too heavy and greasy food, and besides, she completely refused from fast food.

7. Japanese food

Famous love Madonna to the Japanese kitchen. One day she told some Japanese journalists that she has a personal Japanese chef in London that travels everywhere with her. “I probably eat more Japanese food than you!” she joked. Really, Japanese food is known for its benefits for the body. Also, remember the Japanese, who live to a hundred years and feel great. It seems, Madonna had figured out their secret, and maybe it’s all in the seafood that the Japanese include in your diet.
In any case, the use of Japanese food is evident. And Madonna is a good confirmation that this kitchen is not only tasty, but also useful.

8. Proper sleep

One of the most powerful beauty secrets Madonna is her proper sleep. At least 8 hours a day! Hard to imagine that a superstar does sleep a full eight hours of sleep. Madonna to ensure that the dream was on schedule and quite long. It is difficult to reconcile with the flights, travelling and presentations, especially when you have to change the time zone, but Madonna is doing everything that dream was enough. Only after quality long sleep star is feeling fresh and rested and can go to a physical classroom. All together gives an elegant result that we see.

9. Natural remedies for skin care

Madonna uses natural remedies. She uses blueberry cleanser for face and toning serum has a wonderful aroma. Choosing products for skin care, it ensures that they have a high content of antioxidants. Madonna vs heavy chemicals that can adversely affect the skin, so she uses only all natural. And cosmetics, the singer takes off as fast as possible so she has not had a negative impact on the skin.

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