Danger Collect: non-toxic mushrooms can cause symptoms of Poisoning

After the dry summer there are many places in Germany for fungal friends only a meager harvest, but the season has only just begun. And so are the cases of fungus rise again poisoning. However, the danger concerns not only the novice mushroom collectors: Even good mushrooms can be “bad” – if you are too old.

The autumn drives the fungal friends in the woods. Since this is a slow period, but in many places this year. It is still unclear whether the long-lasting drought in the summer, the underground cell filaments of the fungi is damaged. The sparse Mushroom was also the Poison of the Charité Berlin noted. There is only a fraction of emergency calls with a suspected mushroom poisoning is compared to the previous year, received, – said the head of Daniela Acquarone. Nevertheless, the topic of mushrooms of Poison now and again acute.

Mushroom lovers should look carefully: The poisonous Green tuber leaves of fungus is similar to, for example, some mushroom species. The consumption of 50 grams is life-threatening, after a few days it can lead to organ failure. Among other things, in order to indicate the danger, has chosen the German society for Mycology, the poison mushroom to mushroom of the year 2019. In the Ecosystem of the toadstool plays an important role not only eat not to him.

Dangers of mushrooms even with good food

In fact, it is necessary to take not really in the poison mushroom to get symptoms of poisoning. The Swiss “Blick” reported on the case of an experienced mushroom collector in the Canton of Zug, which is cooked in the evening, meadow mushrooms and then during the night diarrhea and vomiting got. She registered with the Swiss Poison and sent photos of their mushrooms, but the experts gave the all-clear: The woman had not made a mistake, and in fact, mushrooms are collected.

What was for the 48-Year-old Problem: The mushrooms were too old. As the experts explained, can spoil with age, the protein in fungi, and this leads to poisoning symptoms. Even for the most experienced mushroom collector that was new, as she said “look”. And according to the Zurich-based fungus control urine Inés Bader not only the old mushrooms, but to little long-cooked copies can be a danger for the health. It is so a lot to consider.

The important work of the Pilz consultants

The society for Mycology, called for greater public support for the Pilz consultants and mushroom experts. They worked with Poison control centres, but mostly on a volunteer basis. Your Thousands of consultations every year, it is important to protect less knowledgeable mushroom hunters from poisoning. Smartphone Apps are now for a certain amount of remedy, you will help when Identifying mushrooms. Alone you should not leave, however.

It is still unclear how this year’s mushroom season will develop. Who wants to go mushroom hunting, should forests in the needle or on the exposed meadows on the lookout for. Pine edible Halli could grow Sparassis mesh, butter, mushrooms, or Krause. On open spaces to thrive due to the moisture of dew and fog different types of mushrooms and giant parasol mushrooms. Deciduous forests provide through their dense Growth of bad conditions for edible mushrooms.