Why people age at different rates

Aging is a predefined biological process, and it will not have a significant impact through lifestyle. With such unpopular opinions were made by scientists from the University of California.

Despite numerous allegations of maltase the effect of the healthy habits California experts say that a person’s appearance does not always depend on their useful or harmful habits. This is easily seen, the researchers said. Many people look much younger or much older than their biological age.

Eventually, scientists believe, hastens or postpones death so-called the gene age. According to them, some people primarily due to genetic causes are doomed to die earlier than their peers. This principle will be maintained even with the typical risk factors, like body mass index, presence of chronic diseases, bad habits, etc.

“5% of the planet’s inhabitants are genetically programmed for premature aging and premature death, even if they follow all possible rules of a healthy lifestyle”, – told the staff of the University of California.
According to the hypothesis put forward by them, each person has an internal biological clock that can “lag” or “hurry”. People whose biological clocks are much faster, run the risk of never to join the ranks of centenarians, despite good health and a beautiful view, warned the experts.

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