World heart day. Where you can check your health in the coming days

September 29 marks world heart day, an initiative of the world heart Federation. This is the day part of the international campaign to combat cardiovascular disease. He is not only a good occasion to reflect on the state of health of your heart, but also a practical opportunity to learn more about their health. In Russia, as elsewhere in the world, in all regions, medical institutions will host various events dedicated to him.

This year world heart day is dedicated to attention to your own heart and the hearts of loved ones, it is the theme of My heart, your heart. According to the organizers, the main message of the Day is the proposal to promise yourself to take better care of your heart, for example, to say no Smoking or switch to a healthier diet, and to help others.

Wanting to check the work of the cardiovascular system, learn the main indicators of their health, consult with doctors and listen to lectures on heart health and blood vessels in the coming days there will be many opportunities.

Here is a partial list of events that will take place in the coming days in Russia. Please note that the list is far from complete. If you have not found your region, you’re sure to find assistance by contacting the nearest medical facility, or find the appropriate ads in the local media.

Moscow. The Department of health has provided a detailed map of all events. 28 and 29 sentyabreva all health centers of the Moscow clinics will be held open days, 22 health centres and consultative and diagnostic centers of the city doctors will give lectures on prevention of cardiovascular disease.

For children also for the first time prepared a large programmesana for life!. 27, 28 and 29 will be to receive the district children’s cardiology in one of the medical associations in all districts of Moscow. There will also be organizovannaia parents in the prevention of cardiovascular disease in children, quality of life and psychological characteristics of children with these disorders. In addition,on 27 September, the day of otkrytiia of proget children’s hospital. G. N. Speransky, A29 SENTIABREV children’s hospital them. Z. A. Vashlaevoj. Detailed information can be found on the Department’s website.

Tula. 29 September from 09:00 to 13:00 on the basis of GUZ City hospital №13 Tula to the address: Tula, street Venevskoe highway, D. 1, will be held the Day of open doors. According to the website n71.ruin that day, people will be able to receive consultation of the doctor-the cardiologist to measure blood pressure and blood test for lipid profile and cholesterol, to make an electrocardiogram of the heart, echocardiography and other studies indicated. To participate in the open Day please pre-register by phone: 8-800-450-33-03, (4872) 41-11-75, 41-64-26. It is necessary to have the passport, medical insurance policy, SNILS.

Mound. 27-28 September between 14.00 and 16.00 hours on diseases of the cardiovascular system, you can contact the hotline by phone 46-57-37.

Kemerovo. On September 28 Clinical cardiology dispensary named after academician L. S. Barbarash will be held the day of open doors. In the clinic kuzbassovtsy will be able to pass screening tests to determine cardiovascular risk to receive consultations of doctors (8 to 12 hours. Pine b-R, 6), write Genovali.

On the same day at 17:30 in the Musical theatre of Kuzbass them. Bobrova will host the Children’s heart Foundation organizes an event called Isometry the audience of the theatre propose to measure the blood sugar level, weight and blood pressure.

For patients in medical institutions of Kemerovo lectures of doctors and cardiologists on the following topics: risk Factors of coronary heart disease, myocardial Infarction and its prevention etc. the Programme can be found on the website:https://d.kemcardio.EN.

Tomsk. 24-28 September in the halls of city hospital No. 3, medical-sanitary unit No. 2, polyclinics №3, 4 and 10 volunteers from the regional branch of all-Russian public movement the Volunteer doctors will measure everyone blood pressure and blood sugar levels, according to NIA Tomsk. Among her other quest events and open lessons about good nutrition, the promotion Measure your blood pressure in shopping centres (emerald city, TSUM, Ribbon, Smile city), lectures on prevention of cardiovascular disease, a webinar with doctor SSMU and competition in social networks, a flash mob exercise for your heart.

Tyumen. On September 29 at the site of the ITC Space with 12 to 16 hours of procuticle, workshops, training, and survey indicators of the body for all who are interested in maintaining their own Wellness, according to NewsProm.

Ivanovo. 29 September from 9.00 to 15.00 by phone: 8 (4932) 30-18-64 for residents of the region will be organized a hotline for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

1 October from 17.00 to 19.00 in the atrium of the shopping Mall Silver city (Ivanovo, street 8 Martha, d. 32) in the framework of the Heart of life workers of the regional cardiologic dispensary in cooperation with the volunteer squad Cardiopatia organize the Outpost, where everyone will be able to measure their blood pressure, to know the total cardiovascular risk and to obtain expert advice, writes STRC, Ivteleradio.

Ufa. 27 Sep at 14 o’clock on the street Novomoscow you can check heart health and take part in cross-country.

Kostroma. As reported smi44.ru27 September from 15 to 17 hours to work the phone health on the topic of Prevention of cardiovascular diseases. questions answers the chief freelance specialist cardiologist of the health Department of the Kostroma region Natalia Prishvina.

29 cantabrana the second floor of the shopping center Venecianskogo exercises for adults and seniors will be conducted by the instructors the Studio fitness and Beauty BODYBAR. Beginning at 13:00.

On the same day at the Mall can be bodysmart pressure. Volunteers – students of the Kostroma regional medical College to offer their assistance in the shopping center is Venice (Moskovskaya St.,98) from 13 to 14 hours in the SC Gallery (street of the Weavers,7) from 13 to 15 hours.

Ingushetia. Everyone put munitsipalnih residence districts will be able to consult a cardiologist, do an ECG examination, to know their blood pressure and to obtain information material parafilaria cardiovascular disease, reports the online newspaper of Ingushetia.

Perm. From September 27 clinics in the city and region were parts of the blood pressure measurement. In addition to measuring pressure, it is possible to obtain useful information about the prevention of hypertension and of vascular diseases, journal of blood pressure measurement and other thematic materials. This tells the Echo of Moscow in Perm.

Sakhalin. In the Bay, as reports of Soviet Sakhalin, September 29 from 10:00 to 16:00 at the square of kenesarina free to examine your heart and get helpful advices from the specialists of the regional hospital.

Barnaul. 28 September at St. Malo-Tobol will take action dedicated to the world heart day. From 11.00 to 14.00 on a pedestrian street will run mobile health center Regional center of medical prevention, where everyone will be able to measure their blood pressure and to know the level of cholesterol, get the advice of a specialist.

Chelyabinsk oblast. On 28 and 29 September at the medical institutions of the region in all municipalities will be held open days, schools, and health lessons. Participants will learn the proper technique of blood pressure measurement.

September 28, on the basis of the South Ural state University will host a health Territory, where you can consult a cardiologist to determine the level of glucose and cholesterol in the blood, an EKG, and get a lesson on Nordic walking.Would be willing to meet the coach at the monument to the student.

Ryazan. In the lobbies of the first vtorogo of floors of building No. 5 hospital of a name of Semashko (street Semashko, the house №3) will operate the points of pressure measurement.

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