We Can Guess Your Go-To Sex Position Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Your sign’s sexy side: “Aries want attention, and they’re not afraid to ask for it,” says Astrobabe. “They also need a lot of stimulation and adventure to be satisfied.”


Your go-to move: Reverse Cowgirl puts the spotlight on you (and your booty) while allowing you to switch up the rhythm and pace however you like—so you’re never bored.


Your sign’s sexy side: “This sign is very sensual; they’re super-connected to their body and would enjoy a lot of sensations at once,” says Astrobabe.


Your go-to move: The Stand and Deliver has a lot going on, just how you like it. For a sensation seeker like you, this position leaves lots of room for him to stimulate your clit and maybe even get a kinky by having him tie your hands together with a scarf—just sayin’.


Your sign’s sexy side: “Geminis love variety and experimenting with new things all the time,” she says. “They care less about sexual gratification and more about actually achieving something challenging.”


Your go-to move:  The Pinball Wizard, where you get into a partial bridge position, keeping your weight resting on your shoulders, and he enters you from a kneeling position, is perfect for any girl who’s up for a challenge, a.k.a you. If you want even more bragging rights, try lifting one leg against his shoulder for deeper penetration. 


Your sign’s sexy side: “This sign loves to feel uber close to their partner, and they really value intimacy and want to feel secure,” says Astrobabe.


Your go-to move: You can’t get much closer than the Om, which essentially involves mutual spider monkeying between you and your partner—and it’s super-hot. 


Your sign’s sexy side: “Leos are queens of the jungle,” says Astrobabe. ” In other words, they need attention on them all the time. They like to show off and be in control.”


Your go-to move:  The Cowgirl shows your guy who’s boss—so we’re guessing you’ve long-since mastered it.


Your sign’s sexy side: “In life, virgos are very business-oriented, but they’re also really sexual,” she says. “They’re usually willing to try any position and explore their sexuality.”


Your go-to move:  What better way to bring out your inner-overachiever than by nailing (pun in tended) the Butter Churner? This move is perfect for that ready-for-anything attitude of yours. Bring it on, baby!


Your sign’s sexy side: “Libras are very relationship-oriented, so this sign likes to connect emotionally with their partner,” says Astrobabe. “But they also enjoy a little drama and get sick of the same old thing.”


Your go-to move: Missionary is way too uneventful for Libras, but the Reverse Scoop turns the super-intimate move sideways. Feel free to throw in some extra-loud O’s for dramatic effect.



Your sign’s sexy side: “Scorpios are very mysterious, and they like to be intimate and in control in bed,” says Astrobabe.


Your go-to move: The Face-Off is perfect for Scorpios, who like to take the reigns and get all up in their partner’s business during sex.



Your sign’s sexy side: “This sign doesn’t want to be held down, and they really like having the freedom to express themselves,” says Astrobabe. 


Your go-to move: You definitely let your freak flag fly with the Champagne Room. 


Your sign’s sexy side: “Capricorns seem cautious, but they’re actually one of the most lustful signs in the zodiac,” says Astrobabe. “When they’re with someone they trust, they can be super-wild.”


Your go-to move: You like to get a little crazy with the challenging and fun Wheelbarrow. It’s about getting weird—in the best way possible.


Your sign’s sexy side: “This sign is always looking to try new things,” says Astrobabe. “At the same time, they don’t want someone who is really emotional.”


Your go-to move: Since you’re not into that whole mushy, superclose, sex thing, the G-Whiz is totally your jam. This move is quirky and doesn’t require him to get all up in your face. 


Your sign’s sexy side: “Pisces are sensitive, passionate, empathetic, and want everyone to be happy,” says Astrobabe. “They’re usually willing be the dominant or submissive in bed, as long as they emotionally connect with their partner.”


Your go-to move: You’ve totally tapped into your go-with-the-flow side with the Magic Mountain. This move puts you and your partner on an equal playing field and allows you to connect by staring into each other’s pretty faces.


Source: Women’s Health

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