Wave of helpfulness: The star is seeking role models in the fight against the Corona-crisis

In times of Corona, many people do not want to just sit at home and wait, because it burns at a thousand corners.

Agriculture is a lack of harvest workers. The hospitals need not only highly qualified intensive care nurse, but also the people who make the beds and pick up the phone. The neighbor’s dog. urgently in front of the door, his old master, but in no case And who can explain to bewildered students quickly photosynthesis or the Prussian reforms? Who programmed a neighbourhood App or launching a solidarity action for the local Restaurants?

Wave of helpfulness rolls through the country

A wave of helpfulness just rolls through the country; Volunteers there are as the Sand of the sea.

The Motto “Together against Corona” is marked, reporting and initiatives, particularly solidarity and remarkable projects in the fight against Corona. The Initiator of the action is the Bertelsmann Content Alliance, which also includes the publishing house Gruner of the year, belongs to, in which the star appears.

But good ideas don’t thrive only locally, it needs Public opinion and the corresponding imitator. That’s why the star is a large German Atlas of Corona ideas. With help you! You write to us, where there are good actions that make life easier in times of crisis. They show us what works somewhere so other can take the example of it.

You can write to us and help you!

We will publish the initiatives and keep you up to date. Corona is highly contagious – also helpfulness.

Write to: [email protected]

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