Glaucoma in babies: When these warning signs to the eye doctor

Glaucoma, also known as glaucoma, and in rare cases, the newborn may occur. If left untreated, the eye leads the disease quickly to impaired vision and blindness. Some of the signs parents should be alert and consult an ophthalmologist.

Childhood glaucoma are rare – an estimated one out of 10,000 Babies is born with an innate Green Star. A fast and secure diagnosis is critical in determining damage to the retina-optic nerve fibres avert that leads to blindness. The German ophthalmological society (DOG) advises parents, in the case of these first sign of an eye doctor immediately:

  • unusually large eyes
  • blue-greenish shimmer of the Iris
  • Light-shy
  • frequent eye rubbing

"The children often have unusually large eyes, the erscheinen&quot due to the corneal swelling and high intraocular pressure grey and cloudy;, Professor Dr. med explained. Esther Hoffmann, head of the children’s glaucoma center of the University medicine Mainz. One or both eyes could be affected.

Operation with a high success rate

Unlike adult glaucoma in the newborn had to undergo surgery in any case. The success rate is 80 percent, the procedure can be repeated. The operation to improve the results more and more about the congenital glaucoma, and to know its incidence in Germany is currently set up a national registry for childhood glaucoma. In a few years, meaningful data are then available for the treatment of glaucoma, diseases in the child age.


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