Smoke third-Hand: clothes of smokers is similar to Smoking is harmful as passive

Whether in the smoke in a pub or as a passenger in a car: if you happen to be in addition to smokers, smoke involuntarily. The dangers of passive Smoking are often underestimated, but are well known. People who regularly leave smoke-filled rooms, can also fall ill, such as Smoking to lung cancer and have an increased risk for many more Suffer – even though they have never held themselves to a cigarette. Tobacco smoke contains thousands of different substances. At least 90 of which are considered carcinogenic.

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Out of the room to go, or places to avoid: passive smoke can often be avoided, in contrast to a phenomenon, the Smoking ‘third-Hand’ is called. It arises when a smoker Outdoors Smoking, and the haze of hauling space in the connector in the inside, because it sticks to hair, hands and clothing. Researchers have the concentration of these “introduced” toxins in a cinema investigated with alarming results. Don’t smoke sit in the end of cinema visitors in addition to smokers, the cinema, the beginning of a quick smoked, with smoke you, therefore, up to ten cigarettes.

Secondhand smoke: According to the film’s start wabern toxins through the cinema air

The experimental laboratory of the study was a 1300-square-foot cinema hall in Mainz, in the smoke for 15 years, is strictly forbidden. On four consecutive days, the researchers measured substances, the concentration of toxins such as 2,5-dimethylf uranium in the air of the room. In time to the beginning of the movie, the content increased. This suggests that the toxins have been listed by the people in the room – and you don’t already, before the movie starts in the air swirled. After the films, the concentration decreased again. In the study, researchers at the Max-Planck-Institute for chemistry were involved. The results appeared in the journal “Science Advances”.

Experts warn

Also, anyone who smokes on the balcony, endangering his children

The study shows that Even in unexpected places dangers for non-smokers lurk. For the effect of passive Smoking there is no threshold value below which no health risk exists. With other words: Each type of exposure should be avoided.

Children are particularly sensitive to the toxins in tobacco smoke. The parents, Smoking by the young suffer more frequently with Bronchitis or Asthma. Life smokers in the same household with children should be avoided at all costs, to smoke indoors. Outside or on the balcony to smoke, to prevent a cap or a pull-over jacket that toxins get caught in the clothes and the hair, and in the connection in the apartment will be introduced.

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