Juul – the most controversial E-cigarette in the world comes to Germany

There are only a few products on the market that create it, to write history. Juul – a small E-cigarette from the United States – has managed to write within the shortest period of time equal to two stories. A success story: In just three years, Juul has become the market leader for E-cigarettes in the United States and has made its founders Adam Bowen and James Monsees to rich men. Which leads to the second, far less glorious history: The US health authority FDA in the us the hype compelled to warn against E-cigarettes. There is talk of a veritable epidemic of nicotine-addicted, underage E-cigarette smokers.

Now Juul to come to Germany. From the 19th century. December will be the E-cigarette nationwide in 1000 sales – to buy all tobacco points of sale, and Vape Stores. A website will follow in February. For the Germany-presentation of the founders have chosen a fancy Hotel in the city center of Hamburg. In front of the door, a group of tobacco smokers, lighters click. Inside the founders sitting at a table and tell about your success. Also mark Kramer, managing Director of Juul Labs Germany, is the come.

Juul is to make cigarettes obsolete

At first glance, Juul reminds us of a large USB Stick. The Design is simple and plain. Like other E-cigarettes Juul consists of an evaporator and a Reservoir for the nicotine-containing E-Liquid. The device produces an Aerosol that is inhaled. 59 milligrams of nicotine per Milliliter of contains an American Juul, which corresponds to a thickness of 5.0 percent nicotine. An extremely high value of the carries, according to experts, a high potential for dependence. Meanwhile, there are in the United States, capsules with lower dosages to buy.

The German Juul should contain, according to chief Kramer about 1.7 percent nicotine. This corresponds to a maximum of 20 milligrams of nicotine per millilitre and the quantity that is according to the EU rules just allowed. The liquid in a Juul-cartridge is enough for around 200 trains. A lot of that is to compare it to a pack of cigarettes.

According to company information Juul is aimed at adult smokers who want to not smoke more tobacco, but not from the nicotine to get away. In Germany, more than one in five adults over 15 years, nicotine is highly addictive and reaches for the cigarette. This makes the German market attractive. In the long term, so Juul-founder James Monsees says his E-cigarette displace the conventional tobacco cigarette, “superfluous”.

Juul is modeled after a regular cigarette: easy to use, similar in effect. The Plan of the founder seems to be working, at least in the United States. Juul was introduced in the middle of the year 2015 and has swallowed since then, according to the Marketing Institute, Nielsen, about 70 percent of the U.S. market for E-cigarettes. In the United States, nearly three out of four sold, E come, therefore, and Tilt from the house of Juul.

Controversial Videos on the net

However, young people feel the product addressed. The term “juulen” High Schools already in the normal use of language. On the net Videos of circulating addresses Minors, the stage Smoking at the Juul: you pull on the Stick, inhaling the nicotine-containing vapor to blow rings in the air. A Video with the title of “Learning how to JUUL from my little brother” has collected on YouTube more than two million clicks. Below the Video is a Love letter from teen pile up girl for the young man in the Video.

The E-cigarette Juul has no buttons and is reminiscent of an elongated USB-Stick

The US-American health authority FDA in light of the number of adolescent E-cigarette users of an “epidemic” – it’s called Juul, but not by name. “E-cigarettes have become a nearly ubiquitous and dangerous Trend among teenagers,” warns about the FDA-doctor Scott Gottlieb. His authority published in November, alarming Figures: according to the number of E-cigarette users in middle-and upper – level rose within a year to 1.5 million users. Alone at the High Schools, more than one in five students has now at an E-cigarette.

E-cigarettes as Juul? For non-Smoking taboo

The authority announced a comprehensive set of measures. You will not allow a “whole Generation of young people to nicotine will addictive,” says Gottlieb. In the space of the possible advertising and sale prohibitions.

Smoking and cancer

How strong is my risk of cancer drops, if I quit now Smoking?

Also the German cancer research center (Deutsches krebsforschungszentrum, DKFZ) has positioned itself to E-cigarettes. Although the experts in a statement to the fact that E-cigarettes are very likely significantly less harmful than tobacco cigarettes. At the same time warn you from the possible damage for the health. E-cigarettes are “no harmless Life-Style products,” reads a Fact-Sheet of the DKFZ. The long-term health effects are unknown. Non-Smoking should, therefore, E-cigarettes.

On demand, Juul, founder of acknowledge that long-term studies of the effects of the nicotine vapor are missing. It’ll give the products long enough to be able to predict potential health risks. They refer to classifications such as the DKFZ and the British health authority, Public Health England. Therefore, Vaping is approximately 95 percent less harmful than Smoking.

The Clips on YouTube are known to you. Juul-founders Monsees is called “terrible” and “not okay”. Minors should not have access to Juul.

The company has now announced that all ads on Social Media platforms. And for the Germany-Start in the first place to start. “There is no Facebook, no Twitter,” he stresses, Germany-chief Kramer. “We stay out of us completely.”

Without any advertising measures. There would be Billboard advertising, which was aimed at adult smokers, explains Kramer. A common Juul-consumer, he introduces himself this way: “From about 30 years, with both legs in life, standing and Smoking, the health-conscious want to live.” Basically, a smoke is the stop, however, the “best Option”.

In Germany, Juul comes in five flavors at the Start. They are called “rich tobacco”, “mint”, “mango”, “apple” and “royal cream” – the latter remember the taste of crème brûlée, says Kramer. Are also planned measures to the protection of minors, which “go beyond the legal requirements”, such as test purchases in the trade. Not to lure of sweet tastes also young non-smokers? Tobias Gerlach, responsible for public Relations at Juul Germany, in the negative. The flavors were especially for adult smokers “attractive”.

WHO warns E-cigarettes

Vera da Costa e Silva, gives such arguments have little Faith. She works at the Anti-tobacco Convention of the world health organization (WHO) warned in early October that the Smoking made by cigarette alternatives back on the scene. “There is no Marketing, only for smokers. It doesn’t prevent advertising also reaches children and young people,” she said in an interview with the German press Agency. Attractive flavors such as Mango are aimed, in their opinion, “always on children and young people”.

Although it is quite possible that some heavy smokers loskämen by cigarette alternatives from their Addiction. The Benefit was, however, not in proportion to the danger that young people would be tempted to smoke.

It remains to be seen which Chapter of the Germany-Start will add to the history of Juul. Founder Adam Bowen, announced Juul to Germany also in other West European countries to introduce.