Doctor advises woman to shower nose – a year later, she dies of the consequences

It started with chronic sinusitis: Because a 69-year-old woman in the US state of Washington couldn’t shake this, advised douching your doctor to nose. Instead of the recommended sterile water or a salt solution, the patient filled a report in the current issue of the journal “International Journal of Infectious Diseases” (IJID), with a water filter filtered tap water in your nose a shower. About a year later, the woman died of an infection in her brain.

The Doctors, according to the article, that these brain inefektion was caused by bacteria that came through the tap water and nasal irrigation in the head of the woman and of there own accord. A month after the woman had started with the rinses, was, therefore, red rash on her nose that was at first thought to be a skin disease. A definitive diagnosis it was not, however, the treatment was unsuccessful.

Infections with “Balamuthia mandrillaris” are almost always fatal

A year after the beginning of the flushing, in turn, the woman had a seizure in the left Arm, also left side of her body began to tremble page. In the case of a computed tomography scan, a lesion was discovered in her brain. The Doctors suspected initially, a cancer, ruled out this possibility, however, after the examination of a cell sample. Further Scans showed that the mass in the brain of the woman spread further and further.

Danger in the Cold season

Finger in the nose – harmful to the nose can drilling be

Then, the Doctors opened in a new Operation to her skull and discovered the bacterial infection. Although immediately a special drug from the “US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” requested and has been used, the woman after about a week in a coma and eventually died.

The bacteria that triggered the infection in the brain of an American, according to the IJID to the amoeba, “Balamuthia mandrillaris”. The name of the pathogen were given because they were discovered in 1986, for the first time in the brain of a Mandrill monkey. To diagnose because infection with these amoebae is difficult and the infections caused are extremely heavy, the death-rate in the case of “Balamuthia mandrillaris” nearly one hundred percent.

Source: “International Journal of Infectious Diseases”