Roza Rymbaeva honestly made plastic

60-year-old singer Rosa Rymbayeva, the star of the Soviet and Kazakh variety, gave an interview in which openly talked about the fact that it is closely monitoring the latest developments in the field of plastic surgery. The famous artist considers it his duty to look good on stage and does not consider it necessary to hide the fact that an appeal to plastic surgeons is one of the best ways to solve this problem.

People who caught the Soviet period of history, remember the Kazakh singer Rosa Rymbaeva in the eighties she was a star scale of not less than Alla Pugacheva and Sofia Rotaru. Today Rymbaeva is a rare guest in Russia, but in Kazakhstan it still goes on stage and sings.

The singer is interviewed by the journalist of the edition “the Interlocutor” and in it, including rose Rymbaeva said about how she supports the form. It is worth noting that at its sixty-singer looks amazing good – no excess weight, youthful (not to fanaticism, as often happens with stars).

The singer did not dissemble and say that its excellent external data are the consequence of extremely good genetics and an appropriate cream for the face. She honestly said that for people of her profession without plastics today can not do.

“Of course, I have good genes. But there are so many possibilities of plastic surgery! I’m not fond of this, but understand that without this in any way. All you need to do very carefully, thoughtfully, so no one will notice,” said the singer in an interview.
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