Alla Pugacheva showed a “new” face

The Network vigorously debating about whether rejuvenated again Alla Pugacheva at the beauticians – many believe that her appearance has changed. New photo with the artist, published singer and composer Igor Nikolaev.

In Nikolaev there were Instagram photos of Sochi, where the music festival “New wave”. Including the artist shared the scenes with Alla Pugacheva and Laima Vaikule.

An essay on the topic “How we said goodbye to summer”. Parted easily, and permanently, until the next bright, hot and magical summer!” commented on a photo of a musician himself.

Many Internet users felt that the Diva began to look different – extremely youthful. These followers believe that Alla Borisovna has visited specialists in aesthetic correction of appearance. Singer demonstrates in the photo at the fashion puffy lips, and her face looks “suspiciously smooth” – it is not evidence of cosmetic procedures, asking the users of the network.

Earlier Magicforum wrote that ex-Director of Sofia Rotaru spoke about plastic surgery singer, almost costing her her life.