Not just a prostate: What provision should make inquiries of men necessarily

Every two years the statutory health insurance men and women pay about 35 a General health Check. It includes a control of blood sugar, cholesterol and urine, can thus provide early indications of Diabetes, heart and kidney problems. Every two years, the funds take on the early detection of skin cancer. The Internist Andreas Walt ring by the Institute for quality and efficiency in health care recommends men also consider two possible diseases.

Colorectal Cancer Screening

Men are more at risk of bowel cancer. The risk of a 50-Year-old, in the next ten years, to a Tumor in the digestive tract diseases is approximately 40 percent higher than in an age-matched woman.

What happens?

On examination, the doctor reflects the colon and the rectum using an endoscope. Colonoscopy the procedure is called. It can be used both intestinal tumors and intestinal polyps to recognize, later, tumors can arise. With a small loop or forceps the doctor can take the same samples of tissue for closer examination. The colonoscopy under sedation-anesthesia pain-free. Complications rarely occur.

Who pays?

For patients aged 55 and over health insurance pay the costs for the two studies. No abnormalities, and in the first the cost of a second Mirroring is to be transferred after ten years. In addition, there are also the so-called grey Screening: A doctor may also perform a colonoscopy, General gastrointestinal to clarify complaints. The Takeover of the cost is from one Fund to another in different ways.

Who should not let the investigation make?

Especially men aged 55 and over, in their family, a burden of Cancer. In patients 75 and the Doctors advised: Because bowel tumors grow slowly, the risk of complications increases, which may result in the investigation, predominate in the higher age, the disadvantages.

What is the Screening?

It reduces incidence and deaths. Of 1000 men aged 55 years of age, the examination, ill 13. Four die of colon cancer. Of 1000, a Mirroring, are affected four to ten, one to three die.

Andreas Walt ring: “The colonoscopy is one of the few studies that combine early detection and Prevention. The fact that the physician can also detect polyps and eliminate, often prevents even the precursor, of an intestinal tumor. As the statistics shows, can reduce the investigation indeed, the number of illnesses and deaths.“

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Aneurysm of the abdominal aorta

Men, unfortunately, significantly more often than women, a pathological enlargement of the abdominal aorta. From three centimetres in diameter, doctors speak of an aneurysm. From 5.5 centimeters, there is an acute risk that the Aorta will tear. About two percent of all men between 65 and 75 years have this vascular problem, not necessarily caused acute pain, but a latent risk means.

What happens?

An ultrasound examination of the abdomen clears quickly and easily, whether or not an aneurysm is present.

Who pays?

Since the beginning of the year 2018, the statutory health insurance companies cover the Screening costs for men aged 65. Men under 65 with risk factors should talk with your doctor. Under certain circumstances, a Screening can be settled even then.

Who is most at risk?

Smoking, high blood pressure and elevated blood fat levels, the probability of developing a aneurysm increase.

What is the investigation?

In the case of 1000 men over 65 who do not go to the screening, tears in seven of the aneurysm in the belly, six die. From 1000, to investigate, to experience four of a crack that emanates in three cases, fatal.

Andreas Walt ring: “By the early detection can also prevent death. For the Individual: There is, in principle, the risk of.. Not every aneurysm must be in surgery, and the surgery itself also carries risks. The specific treatment should, therefore, carefully consider each, together with his doctor.“