Five tips for nail care in Psoriasis

Psoriasis – also psoriasis called – can relate to next to the skin, the joints and the nails. Most people with Plaque Psoriasis develop at some point, a nail psoriasis. Therefore, dermatologists, Psoriasis patients, the recommend that your feet and nails and to maintain it correctly.

Among the signs of nail psoriasis dot-shaped dents, discoloration, thickening, and a crumbly texture or detachment of the nail plate. Sometimes, a nail psoriasis also occur alone, without other symptoms of psoriasis in other body parts.

In addition to the correct treatment by a family doctor, the home care can help to relieve pain and to let the nails inconspicuous appearance. For Dr. Scher of the American Academy of dermatology offers the following tips:

  • The nails should be kept short to prevent Peeling and debris under the nails. Agnails, if possible, be immediately cut off.
  • Not on the nails and the surrounding skin chew, because injuries increase the risk of infection and can worsen the Psoriasis. Who has this habit should be you. as far as possible by a better &ndash… for example, a stress ball – replace. By a bitter-tasting nail Polish, it might be possible, the nails chew habit.
  • Hands and nails after bathing or washing hands to be supplied with moisture cream.
  • The nails protect the carry: At Work in the house and garden, or similar activities gloves in order to prevent a Flare-up of Psoriasis. While washing the dishes and other Work in the Wet a cotton gloves under Vinyl or nitrile gloves to wear. Latex gloves to protect the nails will not be sufficient.
  • Nail Polish can smooth the surface, and stains to hide. Of artificial nails advise dermatologist, because they can contribute to the nails stand out.

"Nail psoriasis can be persistent, but the combination of treatment and good home care can help to eliminate pain and to lindern", Dr. Shear said.


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