Danish health authority says Yes to Sex during the Corona-pandemic – also for Singles

There are actually as good as nothing, which does not restrict the Corona. Shopping is no different, parties possible, and our sex life suffers, especially if you are Single. Bars and Nightclubs – places where you might find a One-Night-Stand are closed. In these times, you should avoid contacts anyway dear, keep your distance and the Dating Apps just to Chat use.

The man looks at the Danish health authority but apparently different. Despite the prohibition of Contact and distance control, you could have more Sex, regardless of whether one is in a committed relationship or Single. This is the Danish newspaper “Jyllands-Posten reported, among other things,”.

Easing the Corona measures

Denmark reopens its schools and day care centers – how they do it.

“Of course you have to be able to have Sex”

Kåre Mølbak from the Statens Serum Institute, a center for the treatment and prevention of infectious diseases, similar to the Robert-Koch-Institute in Germany, said on Monday: “There are larger meetings, where it comes to contagions. So I think that there is, in my opinion, still room for such social contact. Especially with a regular Partner. It provides more safety in relation to infections.”

Also the head of the health authority, Søren Brostrøm, agrees: “Sex is good. Sex is healthy. The health authority is for Sex. We are sexual beings, and of course you must practice in times of Corona Sex Single”, – quoted him as saying “Jyllands-Posten”. As with any other human contact, the risk of infection would be. “But of course you must be able to have Sex,” adds Brostrøm and indicates instructions to the Safer Sex on the Internet site of its authority.

The Danes react with a sense of Humor

In Denmark, meetings of more than ten people are forbidden – both indoors and outdoors. This does not mean that you should data. The Coronavirus is spread by direct droplet spread via the respiratory tract, for example by coughing or Sneezing. Transmission through semen or Secretions is not possible, the channel “Danmarks Radio”. However, it should be on hygiene measures taken.

The Danes react with Humor to the statements Brostrøms. On Twitter about a writes listen: “as Søren Brostrøm says the words ‘health authority uses for Sex’, is perhaps the sexiest that I’ve ever heard.” Another Twitter user wrote: “Then it is time to bring the Tinder-profile-speed, Single friends!”

In Denmark, for authority, for the information of health currently has almost 7700 people Covid-19 ill. 370 people have died, around 4700 were recovered. More than 100,000 Danes were tested for Sars-Cov-2.

Sources: “Jyllands-Posten”, “Danmarks Radio”, Sundhedsstyrelsen

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