Condoms: how to use and what they do not protect

Scientists suggest that the first condoms appeared 12-15 thousand years ago. And many still don’t know how to use them, and what they need.

What’s not easy? Condoms are needed for protection from STIs and unwanted pregnancy

Yes, but there are nuances. A condom can protect you from diseases that can be transmitted from contact because of his “framework”. This:

  • Syphilis;
  • Genital herpes;
  • The papillomavirus;
  • Parasitic infections: scabies, pubic lice;
  • Molluscum contagiosum.

From all other diseases and pregnancy, it protects approximately 95-97%. Why not 100%? First, sometimes condoms break. And secondly (and most often), people improperly use them.

And what mistakes can happen?

1. Ignoring the expiration date or improper storage

“Think about it. Not a sausage, nothing will happen” – actually, more like will happen. Over time, the condom dries up the lubeand the latex begins to break down. This reduces protection, and even may cause bacteria overgrowth in the vagina.

2. Attempt to put on a condom in advance

You can only do this before sex and only on a fully erect penis. Otherwise, the condom incorrectly “sit” and will tear and come off.

3. The use of a condom before ejaculation

It must be used throughout intercourse, or your method of protection is not called “the condom”, and “coitus interruptus”. And he has the effectiveness of the protection is less than 60%.

4. Using the same condom multiple times

I think this idea even thought no one will come? And here and there at the polls, from 1.4 to 3.3% especially frugal of people have used the condom more than once

5. The simultaneous use of two condoms

A senseless idea. Due to the friction of the surface of each other, both condoms will tear.

6. Use oils instead of creams and lubricants

With the combination of condom lubricants only water-based. And fats will make latex fall apart and disrupt the vaginal flora.

7. Pulling up to the stop

Need to leave a tip to have a place for sperm. Otherwise the condom will break.

8. Pause before you remove the condom

It is worth making before I lost the erection. If the penis starts to fall right inside of the partner, the condom can slip off.

Who should think about this: a woman or a man?

Both partners should care about the health of each other. But statistics show that men are less responsible and more likely to make a choice in favor of convenience. Therefore, women better take care of myself: wear condoms and not go to the concessions partner, if he believes that protection is not required.

If you’ve been in a relationship and trust your partner, you can approach other methods of contraception. For example, the intrauterine device. Parse all the pros and cons of this device in the article “Intrauterine device: Yes or no?”.