Boxers vs trunks: what kind of underwear will help you to conceive

A new study says about the benefits of more free clothes. The Oxford scientists found: men who wear boy shorts, the sperm is better than those who wear swim trunks.

The study involved 656 men from couples diagnosed with “infertility“. Men reported that in the last three months they wore most often: “boxer-shorts” or briefs. And the researchers analyzed their sperm: experts worried about the concentration of spermatozoa, their quantity and mobility.

It turned out that the lovers family of cowards sperm quality was higher. “High scrotal temperature reduces sperm production,” said Lydia Minges alarcón, researcher at Harvard University and lead author of the study.

“When a man wears tight clothes, the testicles retract the body, and so I am constantly warm. And because their temperature is normal by 2-3 °C below body temperature, this leads to a reduction in the number of sperm,” explained Lydia.

But do not hurry to buy boxers in a wholesale scale, the authors noted that their study has limitations:

  1. Remains unknown the exact causal relationship between the type of underwear by semen quality: it is reflected only correlation.
  2. Unknown is also the exact cause of infertility in couples who participated in the experiment. Perhaps in some cases it was not semen, and the health of women.
  3. Men themselves indicated the type of underwear they wore. So, the possible errors in the calculations.

However, the study raises the topic of a very important topic: male infertility. It is seldom addressed when talking about fertility. In a society as it is considered that default a problem in the woman. Many methods of treatment are aimed at ladies: in vitro fertilization (IVF); drugs that stimulate ovulation and production of eggs, etc. But, according to the Mayo clinic, in 50% of cases the cause of infertility lies in the male body.

High temperature – the only one of the possible causes of the problem. There are many other factors: hormonal imbalances, age, stress, lifestyle, diet and even drug use.

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