A man donated sperm for research program – now he found out that he has 17 children

A doctor being sued in the U.S. state of Oregon, his former University to 5.25 million dollars, about 4.8 million euros. The reason: As a Student, he was from the fertility clinic of the Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) to a sperm donation requested. This should serve the research and under the condition happen that the donation to a maximum of five offspring go. Moreover, its seeds should be made only women on the East coast, so the other side of the country, accessible. Against this agreement, the University has failed to appear, however, as CNN reported.

The donor was, therefore, suspicious after he was contacted by two of his biological children. This had made him an Internet database for genealogical research to locate as they searched for her biological father. He sent it to the service of his DNA and found out that his donation at least 17 children went forth.

Children of the sperm donor, went to the same schools

And not only that: most of them, if not all, were born in Oregon. Some of them went according to CNN, in the same schools or were in other ways with their half-siblings and not know that they are related. The result: It may happen that you take unconsciously a sexual relationship with each other.

The affected donor has a family with four children – was, at the time, in the framework of a research programme donated. “I wanted to help people who have problems with infertility, and trusted that the OHSU responsibility acts and their Commitments to comply with”, is quoted by the physician. A with the sperm begotten descendant, a 25-year-old woman, said, according to CNN, you have the feeling that the appropriate clinic of the University would have to be acting recklessly. It was apparently only about the money. The University itself was, according to the report, the accusations seriously, but have made with regard to the duty of confidentiality, no further information on the case.

Source: CNN

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