7 Women Reveal The Little Things Their Partners Do That Mean The Most To Them

While flashy jewellery and expensive dinners can be impressive, when it comes to romance it’s often the small, seemingly insignificant gestures that can mean the most.

That’s exactly what MetroUK writer Hattie Gladwell discovered when she put this question to Twitter: “One thing your partner does that’s not necessarily romantic but makes u love them a bit more.”

She started by sharing her partner’s acts of kindness, that she appreciates the most.

“Mine runs me a bath every night without asking and puts the kettle on in the morning.”

Hundreds of people responded revealing the little things their significant other does, and it’s all sorts of heartwarming. 

1. Supplying ice cream sans frozen fingers

2. Facilitating the best way to wake up ☕️ 

3. Acting as a mood boosting DJ 

4. Delivering on point doggo content 

5. Reporting for heater duties

6. Becoming a hairdresser extraordinaire 

7. Taking care of tight spots 

It’s official: love isn’t dead, people. You can read more of the amazing answers here. 

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