With the consumption of alcohol is linked to 7 cancers

According to researchers from the University of Otago in New Zealand, the risk of developing cancer increases even against a small amount of alcohol. The arguments of the experts published the journal Addiction.

The researchers suggested that already been made before: safe amounts of alcohol does not happen. For example, produced their calculations show that even drinking a glass of wine (200-250 grams) per day contributes to the risk of developing breast cancer in women by 16%.

“Many people think that alcohol abuse can lead to liver cancer. But alcohol is closely associated with the risk of developing many cancers, including the most common, particularly breast cancer,” – said the participant of the program of the world Fund cancer research Suzanne brown.
According to experts, conducted to date, studies have shown that alcohol consumption is correlated with increased likelihood vozniknoveniya oral cavity, laryngeal cancer, cancer of the esophagus, cancer of the large and small intestines. According to scientists alcohol is dangerous drug because of its availability. Especially “Friday” alcoholism. Scientific evidence suggests that the most sustainable forms of dependence associated with the implementation of the desire to have a drink at the end of the week, said Suzanne brown.

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