To help real people is good for the brain

In the brain this produces the impetus for the development of the same processes that occur when parents care about children, this fact revealed us researchers from the University of Pittsburgh. Rezultatai работыопубликовалжурналPsychosomatic Medicine: Journal of Biobehavioral Medicine.

According to scientific experts, still, the neural processes that arise in the process of helping another person, remained unexplored. A new study has shown that the aid of the other activates the neurons of a striped body and septal nuclei, which begin to act in much the same way that scientists watching the animals, taking care of the cubs.

Scientists have noted that in the experiments increased brain activity they observed in subjects only in the process of helping a specific need. When a person cannot see the object to assist, the same reaction no brain, experts say.

In addition, during the experiments it was found that in situations where, for example, the money given in aid to a specific person decreases the activity of neurons of the amygdala, which “directs” fear and reactions to stress.
those who gave money to a specific person, there was a reduction of neuronal activity in the amygdala — the brain structure whose activity is associated, among other things, with fear and stress response.

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