One egg a day stop hair loss

Consumption of one egg per day may be sufficient in order to maintain the hair. To such conclusion dermatologists from Japan.

During a series of experiments, the scientists transplanted hair follicles in mice. It turned out that egg yolk stimulates the growth of new cells in the human hair. This study showed that egg yolk contains a component which, when applied topically or taken orally stimulates a protein called a growth factor of vascular endothelium. It is critical to re-growth of hair cells. Researchers believe that this egg component may be a stimulating agent for hair growth.

Magicforum recalls that more than 60% of men and over 20% of women have a problem. This problem is especially sensitive to the fair sex, as in accordance with cultural norms women just can’t have bald patches. Indeed, because the hair falls out under the influence of the male hormone testosterone, hair loss in women is much rarer, but this does not mean that it does not happen at all. Stress, malnutrition or lack of certain nutrients in the body, various medicines and related diseases can cause hair loss in women.

To counteract this process produced a huge number of different tools for hair care. Many of them are quite expensive, and the most expensive and drastic remedy is laser hair transplantation. Especially nice to know that maybe the process of hair loss can be stopped just by using one egg a day.(READ MORE)