To thousands of people ambulance arrives… the next day

Thousands of people who call on the phone for an ambulance, you have to wait for her arrival until the following day. Among them, sick children, victims of strokes and even people older than 100 years.

In the UK summed up the results of another portion of the sad statistics that shows what the most severe challenges facing the local healthcare system due to staff shortages. In particular, the thousands of people that call an ambulance by phone, have to wait for his arrival until the next day. If in 2013 there were only 440 such cases in the past year – more than 2 000. Moreover, among those who have so long to wait for the ambulance, was a man who received a gunshot wound, another victim of knife wounds, at least 7 people over 100 years old, committed a suicide attempt a young man and even the patient affected with stroke.

Needless to say, that in all these cases, the prompt arrival of the brigade an ambulance is sometimes the only chance to save the victim’s life. Last year residents of Foggy Albion has made more than 10 million phone calls to 999 that is used to call an ambulance. In 2013-14, the number of these calls was 8.5 million. Experts believe that with such “efficiency” many residents of the UK can’t count on saving his life through a system of compulsory health insurance, which is used in the country.

Experts say that it is not a growing problem, and the need to take urgent action. Due to the lack of medical personnel and the increasing burden on the medical institution of the local hospital and sutured. Some patients have to wait for months, planned operations, cancer patients face a delay in the diagnostic procedures that are canceled or transferred thousands of operations. (READ MORE)