Smoking deprives not only the lungs, but also of the memory

If you smoke, your chance encounter with senile dementia increases by 20%. But avoiding harmful habits provides a protective effect.

Smokers have 20% higher risk of dealing with senile dementia in the elderly, as found by scientists from Seoul National University. The last 10 years, the scientists had legitimate concerns about the fact that cigarettes slowly lead to a gradual erasing the memory of man, since such a conclusion is allowed to do the research. And now scientists on the basis of information thousands of people have proven that Smoking is another harmful factor.

“Quitting Smoking is obviously associated with a decreased risk of dementia in the long term – say the authors of the study. – This should encourage smokers to try to quit in order to protect yourself from dementia. Our study showed why Smoking has such a negative impact to the growth risk of dementia, since it was observant. We searched for biological mechanisms.”
However, the conclusion of such arrangements can be made on the basis of previous research. They showed that Smoking and alcohol abuse reduce the amount of gray matter in the brain – these cells and contains essential information, that is memory. In most developed countries the number of smokers is steadily declining. Only in 2016 680 000 people in the UK give up cigarettes. (READ MORE)