In Poland woke up in the morgue placed people

In the village of Siemianowice śląskie in Silesia in the fridge of the morgue woke up the man who was put there after a series of unsuccessful attempts of resuscitation by doctors. In the end, the patient was pronounced dead.

About the incident told the publication PatrztuNews. The main character of this story was discovered lying in the street unconscious. Came to call the doctors quickly determined that this man to the point of loss of consciousness was very drunk. He tried to bring to life, but these attempts in what have not resulted, and the doctor, who led the resuscitation, was pronounced dead from the effects of excessive amounts of alcohol. The body of the victim was taken to the morgue.

Later, the security guard of a morgue horror for themselves have found that of the refrigerating chamber can hear the noises and moans.

“The guard fell into shock. He saw in the refrigerator of the person who requested the quilt”, – said the source.
Was caused by the police, which “the walking dead” gave the necessary evidence. Most striking is that, despite doctors ‘ recommendations to remain under their supervision, the man left the hospital, took a taxi and again went to the place of celebration, which he left in a state of extreme intoxication.

“He said: since you survived, I’ll drink to that”, – stated in the message.
Meanwhile, the fate of the doctor, which shows the death of the man, now will solve court.

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